Duplicate content (ON THE SAME product-page)?

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Hey there!

I have a situation where I need to include the whole product-description TWICE on each product page of a store.

However, to the visitor, only one of these two identical product-descriptions will be shown at one time (depending on which device and screen width they use). The other one will be hidden via CSS.

The product descriptions are usually quite long: 500 - 1000 words...


- The first block of the product-description will be shown to desktop users with wide screens.

- The second block (with the exact same product-description text) will be shown to mobile narrow screens only.

This is done through CSS with 'display:none' or 'display:block' via media queries, depending on browser width.


Is the inclusion of the exact same text twice on the same page (not elsewhere throughout the website) considered duplicate content?

Can the site be penalized for that?

Can the Google bot "see" that one of both versions of the text is always hidden to the user?

Thank you!
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