How do I turn things around?

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Hi all,
Wonder if I could ask for some advice.. I'm starting up as a mindset coach and have a site. IM not an SEO guys so I figured I'd outsource this piece. That was approx 6 months ago however, to this day the freelancer i hired has said that he thinks Googe is de-indexing my site so I have some concerns over what he has been doing all this time. The traffic has been painfully low which I cant understand for 6 months of work.
  1. Have I been scammed by this guy? I have since let him go.
  2. Is there a way I can find out if Google has been de-indexing?
  3. I used wprobot to help with the blog (could this have added to problems?)
  4. Most importantly, how do I turn things around quick?

Site is btw, any additional help I can recieve about the site or what should be my next steps I would be grateful.
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