ON page or OFF page which result faster?

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I am confused about it whether the ON page or OFF page help faster to rank the particular keyword of website, waiting for good and useful suggestions...
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    Off page is the short answer.
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      I could say that there is a mix of On Page and Off Page simultaneously, because On Page means you need to create high-quality content, using high search volume keywords with the lowest competition, but Off Page helps you to manage and stabilize the ranking of website, getting it higher depending on how many quality links you have. To achieve high and stable ranking, you need to succeed in On Page, Off Page and Technical SEO.
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      I don't think so. Only off page can't help you to rank faster. for that first, on-page should be optimized well. then and then only you will get good results by doing off-page activities.
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    I like to believe On page because I do not have a huge budget to work with. You can use off page SEO and get better results than ON page SEO. Just that you need more investment in terms of time and money.
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      So, what is your off page strategies?
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    For your site to rank well your on-page should be strong else how do you expect to rank if the site is not well optimized in the first place!
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    On page is more preferable for faster to rank the particular keyword of website
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    On Page, No Doubt
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    I suggest both on page and off page
    once done with on page link building(off page) is very important for website ranking so both are equally important (on page :50% and off page :50%)
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      I agree with you both onpage and offpage are equally important
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    I would like to suggest you on page if you want to choose anyone from both. For faster ranking, we have experienced with our own site that is on page. Within one month we found result. But site speed was high, optimized for mobile and done on page perfectly. We found our three keywords on the second and first page. But for the better result, I would like to suggest go for off page also.

    Thank you!
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    Both are the indispensable part of the SEO, both are required to bring the good results in the search engines.
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    Off page is an organic way of getting more search volumes it as important as on page traffic... but good research...
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    On-page SEO will work faster because it is faster for Google to index your site or your page and see what changes you have made on your site that affect your SEO.

    On-page SEO is often overlooked in SEO but for big websites with thousands of pages, it's the way to go.

    Of course, off-page SEO works but it takes a while (in months) for Google or any other search engine to crawl the whole internet and see what backlink points to what site or page.

    Of course, both on-page and off-page SEO are a strong combination!

    Wishing you the best,

    Nicolas Roy
    Warrior For Hire

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    Both On page and off page seo must needed for ranking.On-Page SEO refers to how well your website's content is presented to search engines. Off-Page SEO refers to your website's overall "authority" on the web determined by what other websites say about your site.
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    On Page is better option for ranking
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    Both are necessary but On page effect more..
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    Both (On / Off Page) have got their own importance. One is incomplete without another.

    On Page Factors - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EceSgY9bDnc

    SEO for Beginners - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gmB_TC92I8w

    Hope that helps.
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    1)On-page: what is your site (or your page) about?
    2)Off-page: how authoritative is your site? How popular is it?
    it is simply, what you rank for is largely determined by on-page factors, while how high you rank in the search results is largely determined by off-page factors
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    It's not an EITHER/OR situation. With that being said, ON page optimization is what will want to focus on FIRST to rank a page for a particular QUERY. OFF page is important too but that follows afterwards. Even if you do it in tandem, it will always flow from ON-OFF not OFF-ON.
    I'd rather tell you an ugly truth than a pretty lie.
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    If you get your website rank on Google? Then you have to do Off-page SEO.
    Have a nice journey.
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    Wherever you are more skilled and persistent, this is where your greater success is.
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    We can't say directly which is more beneficial, because its all depend upon the work how it process. Also, It depends upon the skills which skill you have some people have a good hand in off page and some have good practice in on-page. So if you are good enough in case of submission Directory, Bookmarking, Forums, and listing then off-page is highly recommended for get more benefits and ranking.
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    Hi Supriya,

    On page and Off page SEO are the two aspects of SEO world. Both are complementry to each other. Off page has 65% weightage and rest On page.

    You have to do both for better results but still i consider Off page SEO has more worth than On page SEO.
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    OFF page gives the result faster compare to the ON page but ON page and OFF page both are important for any website.
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    You can easily influence ON page SEO. Most of the parameters are under your control. Off page is a bit more difficult to manage. There are a lot of things in off page SEO that can go wrong even if you do a lot of right things
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    both are good but you should go first for on page and then off page
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    ON page or OFF page which result faster?

    How is this even a subject?

    It's like asking: WHEELS or MOTOR which one wins a car race?
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    On page is best option to rank your website.
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      Originally Posted by malong View Post

      On page is best option to rank your website.
      Can I get the details about your answer?
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    The ratio of importance onpage seo to offpage would be 40:60 it means both are imperative. Acquiring inbound links are important however from quality and relevant websites.

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    On page SEO Fast Result than SEO Off page Activity.
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    On Page obviously as it reserves the 80% of weightage to get ranking
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    If the website is already well-established and has some quality links pointing to it, On-Site SEO is fastest, however if you have a new website with zero links, get some Links built to it pronto.

    Owner at SEO Services KC

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    Off page is give you a faster result. because off page has many techniques to get organic backlinks. Backlinks help you to get the faster result.
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    Both are very important for Search Engine Ranking..
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    Although both On-Page and Off-Page optimization is essential to rank higher in the SERPs and get more traffic to the website, On-Page SEO has more importance and require less time compared to Off Page SEO as it tells the health of the website. If the website is healthy, Off page performance is opt out to be even better.

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    On page and Off page SEO are two sides of the coin, means they are interdependent with one other will not give a fruitful result.

    On page, you can start ranking your website but Off page will help you to increase ranking.

    On page is quick so you'll need to work on it constantly cuz if you don't your ranking would decrease but in case of Off page, it takes time but when it starts to rank it will not decrease your ranking as rapidly as On page.

    On page SEO provide site/page info and Off page SEO provides authenticity.

    Simply saying a page will not have good ranking with only one.
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    we have to do both On page & Off page for Ranking. i think in off page if we concentrate on more do follow links. that is better it get good results.
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    Both are very important for a website. We optimize targeted keywords through on page SEO, therefore it is very important. Generate backlinks for a website through off page optimization, therefore off page is also important.. (without on page and off page, SEO is not complete)...
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    On Page gives better response.

    By doing exact keyword research and add into Meta Tags (Title, Description, Keywords) and also add into content by using Anchor Text of your targeted keyword.

    By appling all sorts of On Page Optimization you done most of Optimization to your website by SEO.

    Also quality build Backlinks after all On Page terminologies done.
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    Both, On-Page and Off-Page are important. SEO is carried out stepwise and it begins with On-Page, the more efficient your On-Page SEO is, the more efficiently your Off-Page will work out. So you need to begin with proper implementation of On-Page SEO.
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    Both On page and OFF page . But I would like to suggest you on page for faster ranking, But site speed should high, well optimized for mobile friendly and done on page perfectly. Off page is an organic way of getting more quality back links.
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    The first step to on-air the website is the ON-Page SEO of that website. So firstly doing the ON-Page of any website is very important. The off-page is also is must part of any website's SEO. After the crawlers check the SEO Factors. The backlinks play the vital role in website ranking.
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    I would like to explain according to On Page SEO and Off Page SEO, both are important factors.

    Let me tell you one thing --

    On Page SEO is Preliminary for Off Page SEO. Without getting the things right for On Page SEO, there will be no benefit for Off Page SEO.

    To start with On Page SEO, first titles, meta description, meta keywords, content on the website has to be reviewed. One can use SEMrush for Titles and Meta Description. For Content Duplicancy.

    Both are important for website


    TechTIQ Solutions
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  • On Page is best option for ranking.............
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    Onpage and off page both are like roof and foundation to our house. If the foundation is foundation the roof will be safe like wise if on page is strong it helps off pages to rank well in search engines so both are important for good ranking in search engines.
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      Both are crucial but you need to do well on Onpage first then Offpage would work.
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    If you are a newbie, any activities on off-page will lead to disappointment...... so for a newbie, work more on on-page and less on off-page....

    Coming soon!

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    According to me Both ON-Page & OFF-Page are very important for ranking your website and keywords, But I would rather suggest you give a thought on both the factors equally. Combining on-page and off-page factors. then google automatically ranks your website depending on your optimization, website content, and website traffic.
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    Both of are important for seo rank.But for some site off-page is faster than on-page for seo rank,and same on on-page.For your actual and permanent rank you have to do off-page, on-page
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    I think both On-page SEO and Off-Page SEO are very important for every website. Both are very helpful to rank the website faster.
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    ON page or OFF page both have their own importance in their own aspects. However the results depend on how you put efforts in both of them. Answer to your question is off-page tasks are more likely to help faster to rank the particular keyword of website. In fact I'll suggest to put your efforts in both to get results faster.

    I'm sharing here a bit of my knowledge about definitions & the roles of both On-Page Optimization & Off-Page Optimization-

    1. On-page Optimization- On-page optimization is customized settings to be applied on website to optimize search engine. These settings contains optimization of titles, descriptions, using proper URL structures, make user-friendly navigation.

    Some factors to follow while doing On-page Optimization are:-

    A. Enriching Fresh and Exciting Content in Website- There should be enough and balanced content need to be added in website. Balanced content will meet both great information and required keyword density.

    B. Adding Relevant Meta titles, description, h1 tags and Image ALT-tags in Website.

    C. Elimination of All Broken/Dead Links- Broken/404 error/dead links can be harmful in two major ways:-
    • Harmful in overall SEO Score.
    • Creation of Bad experience to all users of website.
    D. XML Sitemap- XML Sitemap in website provides the search engines an interface for site architecture. So it is also a proven major element of on-page optimization.

    E. Robots.txt- This file helps to avoid any unwanted crawls from search engines.

    F. Canonicalization- Canonicalization is the process of picking the best URL when there are several choices, and it usually refers to home pages.

    Role of On-Page Optimization in SEO-
    • Helps to eliminate technical issues from website.
    • Helps in matching the content relevancy.
    • Helps to showcase genuine content to the users of website.
    • Helps to make website both user & bot friendly.
    • Helps to understand the competition market.

    2. Off-page Optimization- Off-page is the main and general activity which needs to be followed on daily basis to maintain rank of particular website in search engines SERPs. Off-page contains the tasks of link building, strategy of link building with link pyramid and little bit social media engagement.

    Off-page is the only factor of maintaining page rank in search engine and these factors are off-site in that they are not controlled by you or the coding on your page. It includes only page rank and link popularity.

    Role of Off-Page Optimization in SEO-
    • Helps to expose business or promoting brand name.
    • Helps to rank higher in search engine.
    • Helps to attract users and generate more traffic.
    • Helps to analyse link building strategies.
    • Helps to promote or market business's services.
    I think you will now understand what you need to do with your website, I will say follow both the processes to compete in the market and for doing this you need to figure out what your site actually needs.
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    No doubt, On page is the best for improving keyword ranking but off page also important to keep maintain keywords on SERP....
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    What I learned I thing Off-page should be strong cause I have seen affiliate sites with the only homepage and still it's rank to its' keyword. I will say 30% on-page and 70% off-page.
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    You need both. You can't expect to drive any revenue to your website with just one. Off-page might help you to get ranking faster but when they are going to come to your website, and see low quality content they are going to run. This will lead to high bounce rate and then your rankings will drop too!
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    On-Site Off-site Both are equally necessary for the site. Both need the prefect Submission.
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    Basically SEO is divided in two parts on page SEO and off page SEO. Both are very important to start the SEO of any website the first phase is On page seo and the 2nd phase is Off page SEO.
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    Obviously on page ranks website fast on search results but using off page activities you can increase your website rank or you can rule on search results.
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    Well, ON page and OFF page both play a significant role in ranking of a particular keyword. Your content should be strong enough and should have a quality. Only then OFF page will help you boost your keyword. If your page content is not good, then OFF page wouldn't help you much to rank better.
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    Your on-page and off-page need to work together because they both send signals to Google to rank your site. So Both are important. However, on-page SEO is something you can play around with at the beginning of your site launch. This is the content creation, formatting and site structure aspects of your site. off-page SEO is all about the promotion of your content, such as social media, link building and guest blogging on other sites.
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  • Originally Posted by supriya verma View Post

    I am confused about it whether the ON page or OFF page help faster to rank the particular keyword of website, waiting for good and useful suggestions...
    You need both on page and off page optimization to rank your website well. Once you have your website properly optimized (on page), the off page optimization (quality link building) is what will propel your site in Google.
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    Both are important but with On Page SEO we will get fast results...
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    Both are useful to rank faster for your particular keyword. If you don't do well on a page then there is a high chance for bounce rate and if bounce rate increase simultaneously then google penalised you. So On or Off page are better for Website rank on google
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    On page is the one which gets results very faster by optimizing the website in a correct way.
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    You need a combination of two. But as long as you are building links you should be good. I am using a link building company to build my links.
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    Neither. This is "chicken or the egg" stuff. Great backlinks will definitely help your site rise faster in the rankings than waiting for on-page efforts. That said, if there is not any content, all the links in the world are probably not going to help a new website rank.

    I start with high quality, optimized content and then try to get links. It's pretty hard to get quality links if there isn't something worth linking to, after all.
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    On-page SEO is in many ways the most important lesson you will learn and could save you time, energy and money.

    Unfortunately the most prevalent voices in SEO are divided between those who believe Google is done with on-page optimization and now it's all about backlink acquisition. These people often spend thousands in acquiring these links and wonder why they haven't ranked for any of the terms they were aiming for. And those who believe if Google does take on-page SEO seriously, then they should optimized every single on-page element 10 times over, unaware the Google penalizes sites that are over optimized for keywords and removes them from search results.

    Getting on page SEO right is about walking sharp edge, which, if you can find the balance, will do half the work of ranking for you. While on this tightrope, you will need to realise that the old stuff still works, but there is also new things for an SEO marketer to implement. These new things will be challenging to master because they comprise of sending "quality" signals to search algorithms, and that takes time because quality can't be faked and there are no shortcuts.
    I sell backlinks on some of the most lucrative editorial websites in the world.
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    Off-page, SEO is one of the best ways to increase any website rank.
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    only in on page seo you can get result very faster
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    When it comes to on-page SEO, I'm sure you've heard enough about meta tags and keyword density for one lifetime.

    If you're looking for some practical strategies that you can use on your site today, then you'll love this infographic.

    It's a simple checklist that will bring in more search engine traffic from every piece of content that you publish:

    Bonus: Download a free checklist that will show you how to quickly leverage these strategies. Includes 2 bonus on-page SEO techniques not found in this post.
    on page seo infographic version 3
    Here's my take on the on-page SEO insights from the infographic:
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    Hello supriya verma,

    Many people that deal with SEO will definitely disagree when answering your question. As you can see already by looking at this thread, there are plenty of people that support on-page SEO and there are plenty that supports off-page SEO.

    I believe that every answer written in this thread can be right or wrong depending on the website you are ranking.

    You see, on-page optimization is absolutely necessary for you to be even a part of the game. Afterall, Google won't bother putting you on the map for "dog treats" if your website has nothing to do with dog treats.

    However, the more relevant your website is for the topic of dog treats, the more confident Google gets that you can provide information that will engage people looking for those treats.

    On the other hand, off-page SEO can bring that traffic to the website, validating its relevancy and improving its authority in Google's eyes.

    Both sides of SEO has the potential to improve your rankings quite a bit.

    Which one can bring better results faster? It all depends on where your website is lacking the most.

    If your website has strong off-page SEO about a certain topic or keyword but on-site is poorly optimized for it, focusing your page on that keyword has a potential to shoot you up to even the first page of Google in short amount of time.

    However, if your on-page is strong but there is not really a lot of information off-page that connects your site with target keyword, off-page optimization will bring the most change in the shortest amount of time.

    You always look at the big picture and the relation of individual parts of SEO to each other and the whole. Improve the weakest or least optimized parts and you'll get fastest results.

    I hope this helps. Good luck and enjoy the process.

    Good SEO work only gets better over time. It is only search engine tricks that need to keep changing when the ranking algorithms change. -- Jill Whalen

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    All of the above. If u good at on page then your website will get ranking in a easy matter.
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    If the question is faster so, I think Off page is better in the case. Because On page is the matter of time and hard working to turn on the front page. But if you doing well so, Off-page optimization can be gain result in a short time.
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    hey hii all..I have a website where I work with both on page and off page.I have unique contents,links,images,videos everything dat is needed for onpage but still den i also work with off page too to get links.For me onpage be the best option for ranking purpose but everything should be in unique and in a proper manner.
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    On page and off page SEO techniques are important for ranking on SERP.
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    You could literally write a whole book on this question alone.

    The fact is that they work hand in hand. First class on-page optimization is essential regardless of what off-page (links and mentions) you have pointing to your site.

    So, first stop, optimize your on-page for your primary search terms and keyword cluster and then start to think about the off page.

    Remember each vertical is different these days. What works in one market may not work in the next, there is no longer a one size fits all. It is very much adjust to fit the market.

    Whatever you do keep your off-page clean and natural. Other, more manipulative methods of course will work, but unless you know exactly what you are doing then you should avoid them.

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    In my opinion both ON page and OFF page SEOare essential to get traffic for your website. ON page seo helps increase page rank of your website in search engine result page and OFF page can improve your page visibility to make your website popular.
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    As per my knowledge both works simultaneously. Both On page and Off page are required for better results. Of course Off page work faster than On page but for long-term results, you must concentrate on both.
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    It is simply not fair to distinguish between the effectiveness of on-page SEO and off-page SEO. Both are equally important to the businesses online in attracting organic traffic from the search engines. Both are considered to be an important aspect towards a website's search engine optimization. Both on-page SEO and off-page SEO helps in identifying your website within the search engines by making it more visible among the site visitors.
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    Off-page results faster than On-page.Off-page gives more results in increasing the number of traffic on website.
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    Search engine optimization is the term used to describe a set of processes that aim in optimizing a website for search engines. SEO is important not only for getting high-quality visitors from search, but it's also a way to improve the user-friendliness of your website and increase its credibility.
    Search engines are using complex algorithms to determine which pages to include in their index and the order they show these pages in the search results.
    SEO is the way to 'speak' to search engines in a language they can understand and give them with more information about your website.
    SEO has two major components, On Page and Off Page SEO.
    On Page SEO
    On Page SEO refers to settings you can apply on your website so that it is optimized for search engines. The most important On-Page SEO tips are:
    • Having optimized titles and descriptions
    • Proper URL Structures
    • User friendly navigation (breadcrumbs, user sitemaps)
    • Optimized internal links
    • Text Formatting (use of h1,h2,bold etc)

    • Image optimization (image size, proper image names, use of ALT tag)

    • User friendly 404 pages
    • Fast loading pages
    • Mobile Friendly pages
    • Top quality fresh content (This is always the most important SEO factor!)
    • External links (no broken links or links to 'bad' sites)
    You can find out more details about all the above tips in the SEO Tips for beginners article.
    Off Page SEO
    Unlike On- page SEO, Off-page SEO refers to activities you can perform outside the boundaries of your website. The most important are:
    • Link Building
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Social bookmarking
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  • Profile picture of the author almuheet
    You need to work on every part of SEO together to rank higher. Only on-page or off-page won't help you to get a faster result.
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  • Profile picture of the author akaalvideos
    Both of activity Good for Increasing Keyword Ranking of website.
    On Page SEO

    Heading tags
    URL Structure
    Alt txt
    Loading speed
    Page content
    Internal linking
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  • Profile picture of the author rnaura
    Hello supriya , you know the google only see your website backlink or the link juice to rank your website and that can only generate through the various SEO submission. When I start my website SEO it was nothing but today it is in the Google top pages with 100+ highest site linking . I really recommended to do SEO with proper optimizations.
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  • Profile picture of the author xenium
    Both depend on each other. if you do only on page then wait long long time for result my be get or Not
    if you have done with off page. then you get your desire results.
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  • hi,
    as per my knowledge both on page and off page are important. we can't judge the result with only one process.
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  • Profile picture of the author samanderson
    Most probably both the techniques are most important in SEO.
    ON page is all about your site
    OFF page is the regular process which will increase the search volume day by day in Search Engine.
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  • Profile picture of the author JanetGriggs
    Hello Supriya
    In my experience, your answer is Off Page. But if your website On-Page is being law then your website rank increase is so tough.
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  • Profile picture of the author Easton321
    First, you should optimize your website i.e. On Page. Without On Page SEO, you can't think of Off-Page and Off-Page is useless without On-page. So, you should give priority to On-Page.
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  • Profile picture of the author Stephen Paul

    ON-Page is important than OFF-Page SEO.

    Complete all on-page checklist then go on off-page work.
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  • Profile picture of the author jim ken
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    • Profile picture of the author shayanaman
      can you please define Rank Brain? Like how to implement it?
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  • Profile picture of the author sftslab
    Yes, I agree with you both on page and off page are equally important.
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  • Profile picture of the author Swapnil Patil
    Hello madam,
    First of all, On Page and OFF Page both are really very Important from SEO Point of view, we cannot neglect any of those things for ranking on SERP.
    As per your Question, OFF Page result will do good result for your site if we are getting very good Backlinks From very high PA DA websites.

    Hope you are getting as per your question's Answer.
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  • In search engine optimization (SEO), there are two methods for improving organic rank: ... Off Page SEO: Increasing a page's rank in search engines because of it's perceived value in a community. This perceived value leads to other sites linking, sharing or referring to your page.
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  • Profile picture of the author Mokayashop
    In search engine optimization (SEO), there are two methods for improving organic rank: ... Off Page SEO: Increasing a page's rank in search engines because of it's perceived value in a community. This perceived value leads to other sites linking, sharing or referring to your page.
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  • Profile picture of the author affmarketer101
    Onage is the key to help index faster, Offpage is the key to help rank faster.
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  • Profile picture of the author ClaudiaBrunson
    In my experience, your answer is Off-Page.
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  • Profile picture of the author shrija shetty
    For website ranking, both are useful on-page and off-page. As we have to do well on-page optimization at the time website get launched or for some more days to get indexed on Google, after that off-page work start which has to do regularly to get top rank.
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  • Profile picture of the author sarahboyer
    Both Are Essential for Search Engine Optimisation rank. But for a Website Optimization is for Search Engine Optimisation Ranking.
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  • Profile picture of the author clareflemming
    Both are needed for result faster and ranking.
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  • Profile picture of the author SearchEngineWays
    Both ON page or OFF page factors help you to get ranked faster
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  • Profile picture of the author Easton321
    To rank the particular keyword of a website, you should emphasize both ON Page and OFF page.

    If you don't optimize your ON Page well, you can't expect to rank your keyword, how properly you optimize OFF Page SEO doesn't matter.
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  • Profile picture of the author kat son
    On page Activity are

    Meta Description
    Alt txt
    301 Redirection
    404 Error page
    Heading tags
    Alt txt
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  • Profile picture of the author jollyjohn61
    For ranking a website it is important to do both the SEO tasks i.e On-page as well as Off-page. Firstly we will have to do On-page tasks and then Off-page. To get Higher rank its a good practice to do all off-page tasks every month whereas we can do on-page once in a 2-3 months.
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  • Profile picture of the author rohan dev
    Both are related to each other. you cant rank you site without off page and without on page you cant start off page. but yes 70 % of work can be done by on page by writing good content , using h1 tags etc.
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  • Profile picture of the author rnaura
    if onpage upto mark then it will help you on off page too... Its important to start with proper and rule and regulation aspect to the website.. nd at last result in favour of you... Your keywords and ranking will as per that.
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  • Profile picture of the author stephenchong
    Both On page and Off page have their own importance. On page give more emphasis on the Web content, Keyword selection, Website structures, Robots, Sitemaps which are important from SEO point of view. Offpage generally depends on link building and traffic generation. It helps in content promotion and building quality backlinks for the website.
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  • Profile picture of the author buzzinteractive
    First, you need to do On-Page SEO very good and then start with Off Page SEO like link building, guest posting, and commenting. for low competitive keywords, only good On-Page SEO can rank your keyword on the first page as well.
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  • Profile picture of the author seo sharepost
    according to me both are good. you have to do both the tasks to your searches on search engine.
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  • First you can do on page after that go for off page optimistion

    Well, with the help of on-page optimization.. your 60% seo done...
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  • Profile picture of the author Saravanan28
    Onpage seo is used to optimize the website.By the help of optimized site we can increasing the results through offpage seo.
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  • Profile picture of the author harrycont
    Well, these both pages result are faster. Without on-page and off-page techniques, we cannot rank faster in search results.
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  • Profile picture of the author Lily Ericson
    If you really want quick results off-page is more fruitful. But if you want these fruits to have no or very distant expire date, do not under estimate on-page SEO. Working on both of them in parallel will give the best results.
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