ON page or OFF page which result faster?

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I am confused about it whether the ON page or OFF page help faster to rank the particular keyword of website, waiting for good and useful suggestions...
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    Off page is the short answer.
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    • I could say that there is a mix of On Page and Off Page simultaneously, because On Page means you need to create high-quality content, using high search volume keywords with the lowest competition, but Off Page helps you to manage and stabilize the ranking of website, getting it higher depending on how many quality links you have. To achieve high and stable ranking, you need to succeed in On Page, Off Page and Technical SEO.
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    I like to believe On page because I do not have a huge budget to work with. You can use off page SEO and get better results than ON page SEO. Just that you need more investment in terms of time and money.
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    For your site to rank well your on-page should be strong else how do you expect to rank if the site is not well optimized in the first place!
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    On page is more preferable for faster to rank the particular keyword of website
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    On Page, No Doubt
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    I suggest both on page and off page
    once done with on page link building(off page) is very important for website ranking so both are equally important (on page :50% and off page :50%)
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    I would like to suggest you on page if you want to choose anyone from both. For faster ranking, we have experienced with our own site that is on page. Within one month we found result. But site speed was high, optimized for mobile and done on page perfectly. We found our three keywords on the second and first page. But for the better result, I would like to suggest go for off page also.

    Thank you!
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    Both are the indispensable part of the SEO, both are required to bring the good results in the search engines.
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    Off page is an organic way of getting more search volumes it as important as on page traffic... but good research...
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    On-page SEO will work faster because it is faster for Google to index your site or your page and see what changes you have made on your site that affect your SEO.

    On-page SEO is often overlooked in SEO but for big websites with thousands of pages, it's the way to go.

    Of course, off-page SEO works but it takes a while (in months) for Google or any other search engine to crawl the whole internet and see what backlink points to what site or page.

    Of course, both on-page and off-page SEO are a strong combination!

    Wishing you the best,

    Nicolas Roy
    Warrior For Hire

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    Both On page and off page seo must needed for ranking.On-Page SEO refers to how well your website's content is presented to search engines. Off-Page SEO refers to your website's overall "authority" on the web determined by what other websites say about your site.
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    On Page is better option for ranking
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    Both are necessary but On page effect more..
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    Both (On / Off Page) have got their own importance. One is incomplete without another.

    On Page Factors - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EceSgY9bDnc

    SEO for Beginners - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gmB_TC92I8w

    Hope that helps.
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    1)On-page: what is your site (or your page) about?
    2)Off-page: how authoritative is your site? How popular is it?
    it is simply, what you rank for is largely determined by on-page factors, while how high you rank in the search results is largely determined by off-page factors
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    It's not an EITHER/OR situation. With that being said, ON page optimization is what will want to focus on FIRST to rank a page for a particular QUERY. OFF page is important too but that follows afterwards. Even if you do it in tandem, it will always flow from ON-OFF not OFF-ON.
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    If you get your website rank on Google? Then you have to do Off-page SEO.
    Have a nice journey.
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    Wherever you are more skilled and persistent, this is where your greater success is.
    Ryan Biddulph, Blogger, Author, World Traveling Digital Nomad
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    On Page & OFF page both are the important part of a website, As well as incomplete without each other. I personally think ON page an OFF page both are important for a faster result.
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    We can't say directly which is more beneficial, because its all depend upon the work how it process. Also, It depends upon the skills which skill you have some people have a good hand in off page and some have good practice in on-page. So if you are good enough in case of submission Directory, Bookmarking, Forums, and listing then off-page is highly recommended for get more benefits and ranking.
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    Hi Supriya,

    On page and Off page SEO are the two aspects of SEO world. Both are complementry to each other. Off page has 65% weightage and rest On page.

    You have to do both for better results but still i consider Off page SEO has more worth than On page SEO.
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    OFF page gives the result faster compare to the ON page but ON page and OFF page both are important for any website.
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    You can easily influence ON page SEO. Most of the parameters are under your control. Off page is a bit more difficult to manage. There are a lot of things in off page SEO that can go wrong even if you do a lot of right things
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    both are good but you should go first for on page and then off page
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    ON page or OFF page which result faster?

    How is this even a subject?

    It's like asking: WHEELS or MOTOR which one wins a car race?
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    On page is best option to rank your website.
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    The ratio of importance onpage seo to offpage would be 40:60 it means both are imperative. Acquiring inbound links are important however from quality and relevant websites.

    Internet marketing and web designing excellence
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    On page SEO Fast Result than SEO Off page Activity.
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    On Page obviously as it reserves the 80% of weightage to get ranking
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    If the website is already well-established and has some quality links pointing to it, On-Site SEO is fastest, however if you have a new website with zero links, get some Links built to it pronto.

    Owner at SEO Services KC

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    Off page is give you a faster result. because off page has many techniques to get organic backlinks. Backlinks help you to get the faster result.
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    Both are very important for Search Engine Ranking..
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    Although both On-Page and Off-Page optimization is essential to rank higher in the SERPs and get more traffic to the website, On-Page SEO has more importance and reuire less time compared to Off Page SEO as it tells the health of the website. If the website is healthy, Off page performance is opt out to be even better.
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    On page and Off page SEO are two sides of the coin, means they are interdependent with one other will not give a fruitful result.

    On page, you can start ranking your website but Off page will help you to increase ranking.

    On page is quick so you'll need to work on it constantly cuz if you don't your ranking would decrease but in case of Off page, it takes time but when it starts to rank it will not decrease your ranking as rapidly as On page.

    On page SEO provide site/page info and Off page SEO provides authenticity.

    Simply saying a page will not have good ranking with only one.
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    we have to do both On page & Off page for Ranking. i think in off page if we concentrate on more do follow links. that is better it get good results.
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    Both are very important for a website. We optimize targeted keywords through on page SEO, therefore it is very important. Generate backlinks for a website through off page optimization, therefore off page is also important.. (without on page and off page, SEO is not complete)...
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    On Page gives better response.

    By doing exact keyword research and add into Meta Tags (Title, Description, Keywords) and also add into content by using Anchor Text of your targeted keyword.

    By appling all sorts of On Page Optimization you done most of Optimization to your website by SEO.

    Also quality build Backlinks after all On Page terminologies done.
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    Both, On-Page and Off-Page are important. SEO is carried out stepwise and it begins with On-Page, the more efficient your On-Page SEO is, the more efficiently your Off-Page will work out. So you need to begin with proper implementation of On-Page SEO.
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    Both On page and OFF page . But I would like to suggest you on page for faster ranking, But site speed should high, well optimized for mobile friendly and done on page perfectly. Off page is an organic way of getting more quality back links.
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    The first step to on-air the website is the ON-Page SEO of that website. So firstly doing the ON-Page of any website is very important. The off-page is also is must part of any website's SEO. After the crawlers check the SEO Factors. The backlinks play the vital role in website ranking.
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  • Both are the part of SEO. But more effective in ON Page.
    Off Page is dependent in On page of SEO
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    I would like to explain according to On Page SEO and Off Page SEO, both are important factors.

    Let me tell you one thing --

    On Page SEO is Preliminary for Off Page SEO. Without getting the things right for On Page SEO, there will be no benefit for Off Page SEO.

    To start with On Page SEO, first titles, meta description, meta keywords, content on the website has to be reviewed. One can use SEMrush for Titles and Meta Description. For Content Duplicancy.

    Both are important for website


    TechTIQ Solutions
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  • On Page is best option for ranking.............
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    Onpage and off page both are like roof and foundation to our house. If the foundation is foundation the roof will be safe like wise if on page is strong it helps off pages to rank well in search engines so both are important for good ranking in search engines.
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      Both are crucial but you need to do well on Onpage first then Offpage would work.
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    If you are a newbie, any activities on off-page will lead to disappointment...... so for a newbie, work more on on-page and less on off-page....

    Coming soon!

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    According to me Both ON-Page & OFF-Page are very important for ranking your website and keywords, But I would rather suggest you give a thought on both the factors equally. Combining on-page and off-page factors. then google automatically ranks your website depending on your optimization, website content, and website traffic.
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    Both of are important for seo rank.But for some site off-page is faster than on-page for seo rank,and same on on-page.For your actual and permanent rank you have to do off-page, on-page
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    On page technique will give faster results
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    It's really hard to tell which is better or which one will provide faster results. It depends how you try to achieve them both.
    Believing on facts and my own experience, On-Page optimization is more likely to provide faster results than Off-Page if done correctly. Off-page includes the tasks and strategies you follow for life-time also at certain time period they need to be changed. So the results won't remain constant at all.

    In my opinion follow both On-page first and then Off-page to achieve faster results.
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