English copy of Russian site does not get indexed. Why?

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We have been supporting blog for English learners (IELTS preparation) for almost a year and enjoyed a steady growth of organic traffic. The site was completely in Russian in .ru zone with only original materials written by in-house authors. At a certain point, we decided to launch alike blog for in English in .com and started to translate our own articles and publish them. We did this for months but Google does not get us indexed for some reason. We checked robots.txt, successfully uploaded sitemap to Search Console (it shows more than 50 pages), still nothing. We're confused and would be super thankful for any advice!
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    How are you doing these translations? Is it manual an automated process>?
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    The only thing I can think of is Google did not index it. They reserve the right to not index everything so if nothing in your robots.txt file is blocking the site from being indexed, there is no reason for it not to show up.

    Are there any other russian websites associated with learning the English language being indexed? If so then most likely there is some type of programmimg issue with the website itself because even the most unpopular looking sites get indexed.

    One thing Google takes very seriously is the programming behind the scenes. Maybe its just a glitch that is holding up. You could try creating just a generic robots.txt file just to see if your pages show up in the SERP's that way. Obvously this will inform you of the issue with the original file.

    Most sites never really have an issue getting published. They do inform everyone who wants to publish websites that they do not index every website and they never give a time frame as to when it will be added after it is submitted. I have never had an issue with my sites showing up, and when I did register them they showed up fairly quickly.

    The other thing to keep in mind is the domain name. If the domain name was used previously, they might have had an issue with it in the past and now do not allow the domain to be indexed again because of a domain name blacklist, spam etc. There is another process you have to look into with Google if this is the case which takes a while for them to clean the domain name and then give it the ability to have it registered again.

    I know getting in touch with Google support can be touch sometimes but if possible I would recommend the Google webmasters forum. Reach out your question within the group and someone who is a moderator or has experience with the issue will reply. They may even get further in depth with you to resolve your particular issue.
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    It is pretty impossible to tell what is going on hypothetically. It would help to have the URL of the .com site to see if really is not being indexed.
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    You have to use hreflangs to tell google that its basically same content in 2 different languages

    you can use a separate subdomain or just mark pages with different languages

    if you use wordpress then there are 100s of hreflang plugins

    also in google webmasters it will ask "language" of your site/sites

    so if you have 2 versions then submit each and specify language for each
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