How Many Days does it take Google to Disavow Backlinks?

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I recently submitted a disavow file containing my website bad backlinks to Google webmaster and haven't notice a change yet. Please how long does it take Google to disavow the links.
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    Somewhere between immediately and never.

    Google won't tell you if they actually disavow any of the links or not. You will never know.
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    It's glorified link sculpting which is ridiculous considering it's coming from Google.

    You've entered a honeypot.
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    Also interested in this issue
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    It's very interseting. I also want to know the same!
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    Google says it can take up to a month, so i would wait at least that long.
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  • Google never say it. You should be waiting for it.
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    according to me after 30-50 days you can see the change...
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    its take some one month to two monts. but not define particular days
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    Consider it the google hamster wheel.

    Invented to make webmasters think they are accomplishing something.

    Keeps the canned responses from google appear meaningful.

    Before, notification of bad links sent loony webmasters into a tizzy, clogging up support email.

    So, why not send these idiotic webmasters on a Google Snipe Hunt?

    Yeah! Thanks Larry!


    If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    Remember that disavowing your links is a request for Google so it will take time to be moderated and there is no timetable for it. It can be later and long but the worst is never.
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    According to many people Google takes about 4 weeks to disavow the links. But there is not any proven facts. You just have to play the waiting game!!!!!
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    After properly submitting your list of links for Google to disavow, it generally takes Google anywhere from 1-8 weeks to process your request and remove the links. Unfortunately, there is no fixed amount of time in which this happens, although Google does say it will take "a number of weeks" on their Webmaster Support site.

    Somewhere, it also depends on how frequently the robots visit your site the next time
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    It actually takes much time to perform the task as it is a slow process (1-8) weeks.
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