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Hey guys, I and my friends need advice.

So we are freelance writers who are very passionate for writing and we started this website where we could just write and share our articles and also allow other people to contribute.

Yeah I know. It sounds like a "guest posting website" where we sell links but no. We plan it to be genuinely a place where we could practice our skills, upload some resources people could read, and be like a portfolio for us. The only way we plan on monetizing it is through google adsense.

So, its a multi-niched website. It has 4 main categories; Blogging, Lifestyle, Business, and Technology. Each main categories have sub categories to better specify articles.

Do you guys think its a good idea? What can you say about website like these one. We think that its going to be fine to have different niches since it isn't a personal blog nor a e-commerce website. We also practice SEO skills here so we would love some suggestions on how to make our website rank in Google even if we are a multi-niched website.
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    That's a nice share, thanks so much.
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    Hi, you can make a multi niche site rank otherwise Amazon, Article sites and others couldn't rank.

    There are only 2 things you control for ranking the site.

    1. Onsite factors - these are things like keywords, title tags, content length etc.
    So, study those.

    2. Links and shares - Backlinks are the name of the game in ranking your site. Study the best practice backlinking methods.
    Next are social shares. While they don't rank your site directly, they do indicate popularity. So, always ensure your getting some of them to your pages.

    Those are your main factors.
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      We're currently working on our backlinks and we'll see how it will affect our article rankings in the following months. Thanks!
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    Hi, i wouldn't call that "multi-niche". I would just call it a blog... period.

    There are many blogs out there that cover those topics/categories in one go (especially lifestyle, business, technology). They are magazine sites were writers pubilsh for the purposes of getting readers.

    So i wouldn't try and spin my head over whether it's one niche or the other.

    However, in terms of brand, you should treat it as one website with common/recognizable branding all over that translates well into social media.

    In terms of SEO, as a general magazine site you can target many keywords and LSI keywords covering different topics all on different articles. But the sheer size and volume of posting will give your site authority and how well the articles are shared naturall on social media (and hence, across the web).

    So keep writing quality content, grown an audience, develop a brand to promote your content, and you should be good to go.
    I sell backlinks on some of the most lucrative editorial websites in the world.

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      That's a great point. We actually based our website/brand name to symbolize different topics wrapped in one website. We were quite unsure if this would be a good choice that's why we're looking for advice. Thanks!
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    Wow it's a very nice idea! All you need your website fully on page optimized and have quality backlinks. Take a seo campagin of 3 4 months and see results.
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      Thanks Daijon. We actually bought an SEO tool to help with our campaign since we're kind of newbies in SEO.
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      I was wondering if you could help me find some information on how to run an SEO campaign?
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        Well there are a lot of threads here at Warrior Forum and there are lots of resources online. Maybe try reading some of these blogs; Moz, Ahrefs, SEO-hacker, Backlinko, and Neil Patel's blog.
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    If you are an expert of a particular topic, I suggest you try

    If you are offering to write a high quality article about smartphone and accessories for free or for a few bucks you can also try to contact They are accepting guest post for free.
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  • Yes, it does sound more like a magazine site and I think it's a great idea.

    I think another thing you need to consider with building this is to make sure that you have a steady stream of content. Websites like this die when you don't publish anything new.
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    I see it as a tough sell Jamie because being seen as an expert or authority in 4 niches - multi author or not - is highly difficult, when top or even seasoned pro bloggers give all their attention and energy to 1 niche.

    I figure, if someone wants blogging advice, they go to my blog because I gave 4 years of my life learning blogging inside-out. They visit your blog, see 4 niches, and wonder how you know blogging better than me, when you give 25% of your energy to learning blogging, and I give 100% of my energy to blogging. See what I mean?

    Stick to 1 niche. Nobody hires a doctor who's also a lawyer, who also runs a pizza shop and is a mail man too. I love specialists. Generalists? Not really.
    Ryan Biddulph, Blogger, Author, World Traveling Digital Nomad
    If you want to become a full time blogger you can buy my eBook here
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      Hey Ryan,

      I totally understand your point and we already feel like we're taking a huge risk building a website with multiple niches since we are versatile writers.

      But if we stick to one niche, the purpose of our website to be a platform for us to practice our skills and allow others to practice theirs too would be far away.

      But I do get your point. I think we just need to create a brand for ourselves. It will be a little hard for our marketing strategy but we'll take the challenge.
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    that really great and you are going good.
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    To make things clear, let me tell you this...
    No company can guarantee google results as they are natural but SEO is matter of science actually.

    Now read this very carefully: If an expert audit the website and targeted keywords properly, do the necessary changes for on-page and off-page optimization, deliver HQ link-building in timely manner, he can eventually outrank the competition with enough amount of work.
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    You will receive current positions before we start your order and weekly reports of SERP ranking (white labeled).
    If on-page optimization will be required, you may need to provide us access to your website.
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    It doesn't matter, how matter niches you have. It all comes to keyword research. Read this! What is SEO?
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    I think that's a great idea, it will be a great place for writers to feel comfortable sharing their work.
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    I really discourage anyone to go to Adsense business and in addition to lose focus.

    It's better to use affiliate marketing, build a list with pop up for better monetization of traffic you deliver to the website.

    Focus on only one topic PER website: so you can build a sustainable business and not a churn and burn website
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    • Profile picture of the author Jamie Cordon
      We're not really trying to build an ecommerce website or affiliate marketing through Amazon or Shopify.

      Any suggestions other than Adsense?
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    You need to have enough patience for the website to find its place amongst the 800 million websites out there.

    If you are passionate and follow a plan. Along with thinking about SEO and attracting really good content. Then why not.

    There are pure Adsense Websites that make money. But they receive 100 thousand to a million followers. Also a niche website can also be monetised with niche affiliate products. That can become your second source of income.

    When you put Affiliate Products on this website make sure that they are aligned to your content and they are worth the value to the readers of your website. Then this is really a good plan.

    Asking on the forum may not work in your favour. You will get both sides of opinion.

    What you think and feel is important? The best is to start and see where it goes. Always track numbers so that you know whether you are in the direction of success you have defined. And the best goal is to use money goal. How much money is coming in every month? It can be zero for couple of months. Very low for a few months. But as viewership increases. You should see a good return on investment.

    The beauty of any online venture is when it breakout then it can go into auto pilot mode. Even without doing much you will keep earning.

    But if you are as focused as Mark Zuckerberg and keep working on this then in couple of years you will have a giant that you can sell for money or keep growing it beyond your dreams.

    Best of luck.
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    what I found that works for me is picking a niche that is broad enough so that when a particular product or angle is slowing down either for visitors or sales, there is many other related ideas or products to work with

    I've seen so many times sites that are focused on too narrow a niche to die out because the niche did not have enough broadness to counter the ups and downs of business and interests
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    well, i appreciate your efforts for launching a multi-niche website. But, as it is multi-niche website, you have to work a lot for its on-page as well as off-page optimization. You have to use good SEO skills in order to rank on google SERP's.
    All you need is a great content and some quality backlinks. It will help you to rank.
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    A You Looking To Get More Traffic To Your Site That Are Converting,Am Willing To Share The Secret I Use To Drive More Traffic To My Site
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    How many writers are there going to be on your team ?

    And you are covering multiple topics which I don't see as a big problem providing that the content is shareable and useful.

    Keep in mind that passion does help but creating good content takes great patience and an understanding of the subjects you would be covering.

    On another note I see that you want to allow others to contribute and monetize your website through Google AdSense.
    First off I think that it is clever of you to allow others to contribute.
    Secondly as far as Google AdSense goes I would learn a bit more about AdSense and also learn the pros and cons of advertising on a new website.

    My last question
    Did you and your team investigate the topics that you want to cover to see ifyou can niche down and focus on specific areas that can be more beneficial.
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    • Profile picture of the author Jamie Cordon
      We have around 4 writers with 2 regular contributors and offer guest posts to have a consistent flow of content.

      I appreciate that you like some of our ideas.

      We actually opted to Google Adsense because we don't want to earn money through amazon affiliate. We are looking for other ad options.

      We actually did. The 4 major topics we covered were part of the specialty of each main writer and these are the major categories a lot of our keyword researched fall into. Thanks for your insights!
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    I would say SEO is enough and perhaps expanding to YouTube. There is a huge audience for the topics that you are going to write on, so this will be a good way of attracting more people to your site.
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    that really great and you are going good.
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    Hi very good topic you mention . you are looking guest posting website that your skill management . Excellent idea
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    Hi Jamie,
    Single-niched or multi-niched website can rank on search engines like Google provided its contents are unique, original and of value to intended website users and visitors.
    The advantage of single-niched website is - you can easily build large targeted audience and become authority on your niche.
    How website is ranked - Google and other search engines have special softwares that crawl the internet and keep records of websites with valuable contents and display those websites as search engine results relevant to the searched inquiry. Giving the same opportunity to rank all websites based on relevant keywords and valuable contents.
    What to do - insert relevant keywords and long-tail keywords to your title, contents, and meta-tag.
    Submit your website to Google and Yahoo/Bing. Promote via paid ads (both online and offline) e.g. social media, marketing websites,
    Google, Yahoo, local radio, newspaper and TV etc. Keep updating your website with valuable contents. Know your targeted audience and respond to their needs.
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    Best to focus on your 2 main categories first and push them into the rankings that will respectively push the sub-categories as well. Wish you luck!
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    There's these Filipino freelance writer I once hired who does almost the same thing you guys are doing. Forgot the name of the site though.

    Anyway, go for it. This is a good idea for you guys if you're looking to put your writing and SEO muscles to practice, so to speak. Plus you gain more experience on running and how to earn better from your site.

    Good luck, and write well!
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    That's a fantastic point. We actually based our website/brand name to symbolize unique topics wrapped in 1 website. We were quite unsure if this would be a good choice that is why we're looking for information. Thanks!
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    When you say "practice our skills and allow others to practice theirs" that sounds like you're creating an article directory as opposed to a branded or magazine style site.

    You can certainly publish content in all the niches you mention, they all fit together. But I'd focus more on building your brand than worrying about whether you can publish in different niches.

    Why not just start with one site, one niche and one brand. Put all your combined efforts into that one site.

    If it works, either continue or start a site in the second niche.

    Your audience will resonate better with your brand if you focus on one thing, instead of trying to please multiple niches.

    Oh and speaking from experience, please never rely solely on Google Adsense. It sucks.
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    That's a great idea. I think you need to add more categories to attract female visitors. The suggested categories are like décor tips, food related blogs, etc.

    Hope you like it !!!
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    Well, First, It's all about on page factors to fix the title, Category, URL, Path, Images and more then we can prefer Off page SEO. You have to prefer SEO expert as well.
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    Multi-niche website -> Multi topics, multi-targeting keywords, and multi clients
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