Google Adsense closed its doors to me

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Hi all,

A while ago, I signed up for Google Adsense with a site under construction. They disapproved my application as expected. Now I want to sign up again with another website, which is one I believe in comformity with the Guidelines. However the doors are closed to me I guess. When I sign in with my id, it says, check the email we sent for further information.

Well, I guess I deleted that email long time ago. I don't want to try using fake names, email addresses or bank accounts to get approved. I want to be approved honestly, but I can not do that because the email they sent is not there anymore.

I have been searching for this for about 4 months now. No answer, no nothing. I am sure there are thousands of people having this same issue. What can be done in this situation? Other than creating a fake account.

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    the easiest way to get approved is to set up a free blogger blog, put up a few posts and then sign up via blogger,
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      Originally Posted by j hogan View Post

      the easiest way to get approved is to set up a free blogger blog, put up a few posts and then sign up via blogger,
      That's the way to go. I tried for acouple of years to get an Adsense account. I spent a small fortune in both time and money making sites that not only had 100% unique content, but were also all on one tightly focused niche each.


      In desperation I put up some "fairly" original content on a Blogger blog and had my account approved less than an hour after submitting the application.

      Caveat: That was in 2007, so things may have changed dramatically since then (and no doubt they have), but give it a try, you have nothing to lose.

      If that doesn't work, move on and try another network/monetization source. Although Adsense is the best payer, there's no point in banging your head against a brick wall.
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    It seems you did everything ans still no avail.

    This time, use name of anyone in your family... and use the site that has never been submitted..
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