What are Toxic links and how to detect those links and remove

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Hello All,

Slightly confused about toxic links and how to recognize those link, pls help me out whether below mentioned links are toxic or not.

Please help.....
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    Toxic links in SEO are links to your website from spam sites or link networks created only for link building purpose and also from websites containing viruses and malware. This usually happens when someone wants to achieve sudden rank boost but doesn't release that toxic links a very harmful for the website.

    Yes all of the links u mentioned are toxic ..BCS they are only for, link building purpose ..google prefers natural link juice not ........ these types of links which are manually placed on these site for site promotion

    And quite often, especially with newer people who work on SEO and web 'mastering', if you will, having considered external links and the power of those, and more importantly, this idea of toxic links. The truth is that there isn't going to be any website out there without some level of toxicity, no matter how minimal, because it's the nature of the web.

    However, if you accrue too many within a short period of time and in an unnatural way, and you have a history of this, plus you may have received a manual penalty and not even known about it... You may have received an email message within your Google Search Console

    the best strategy I use for link building is just guest posting u can bump ur site traffic and rank from 0 to even 60 percent through the only guest posting
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    The non-relevant links are toxic links.
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