Does anyone here use Google Alerts for their SEO?

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I have found it is a great way to drive more traffic to my website, but I haven't figured out a reliable pattern yet! Can someone help me out?
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    What pattern you are talking about?
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    Hmmmm...a little confused Varun because you say you found it's a great way to driving traffic to your blog. What else would you want?

    Please clarify a bit.

    I'd be happy with great traffic

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    Like you can set up google alerts for new articles, new guest posting opportunities, or track keywords, track your website mentions even!

    However, my question was I am just doing random stuff and 2/10 things work out, I want to know whether someone has a proper system set up from this where I can learn about it better. Right now I am doing trial and error and it is working out decently, but I sure would love it if I could be more efficient about it
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  • Well, I've never actually done this, but it is an interesting idea. You can set up a google alert for your niche specific keywords, and when, for example, blog articles show up, see if you can be the first person to add an interesting comment that adds value to the post. At the end of the comment, slip in your anchor text backlink.

    Now, this will help you in 2 ways:
    if the blog post becomes popular, a lot of people will see your comment (because it is first) and you will get traffic to your site

    if the link you receive from the blog is dofollow, it will contribute to the SEO of your website.

    Hope that helps!
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