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I have two blogs with high domain authority, how can I use them to build links to my shopify store
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    Hi LEO0077,
    You can use your blogs to write reviews of products you're selling on your e-com store and provide a link back to your store, You can also write a post on your blogs that feature your e-com store, talking about all of the great products and customer service this e-com store provides.
    You can also provide updates every time your store has a sale or has a new product or an upgraded version of an existing product coming out.
    Other things you can do to get backlinks for your e-com store is to ask for a backlink from the manufacture of the products you sell. Just send them an email letting them know you're selling their products and that having a backlink from the manufacture would help promote your store and their product much easier and give you some creditability too.
    You also need to create great content like articles, videos, podcast, etc... about the products you sell and share this content on as many social media outlets, forums, or whatever else you can think of.
    You can also seek out other blogs in your niche and ask to do guest post about your store or specific products.
    When you reach out to other blogs you can also ask them to write reviews on products in your store or the store itself about how great the store looks, how great the customer service is, how easy the checkout process is, how great the user experience is, or anything else you can think of.

    I hope this helps.

    -Enjoy your outcome
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    You can create helpful blog posts Leo highlighting topics related to the products you sell on the Shopify store. Just make sure the store and blog topics align fully.

    Also, befriend bloggers in your niche. Serve them. Promote them. Comment on their blogs. Make friends. Some of these bloggers will promote you and invite you to guest post on their blogs, building links and giving you sweet SEO juice, and also boosting your sales.

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    Well, you can do everything everybody suggested but keep in mind that when all is said and done, you are really only gaining two domain links to your Shopify store. Linking over and over again from the same two blogs isn't going to help much more than if you had only linked once from each, at least in terms of SEO.

    If they both have huge followings of people who would be very interested in the products on your Shopify store, they could provide some decent traffic from links in various articles, though.
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    Originally Posted by LEO0077 View Post

    I have two blogs with high domain authority, how can I use them to build links to my shopify store

    At very first, you should have to post related to your shopify store in those two blogs and take a backlink from it for your store. After that, you can use those two blog for link exchange.

    For example,

    You can publish other people post in that blogs and ask them to link back to your shopify store. This way you can maintain your two blogs and build a link for your shopify store on another platform.
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    Link building is very simple and very effective. You can do this simple steps they are:
    1. Create awesome content
    2. Guest posting on other websites
    3. Request for your manufacturer to link to your site
    4. Try media pitching
    5. See where your competitors are getting their backlinks
    6. Find broken links and request a link to your store
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    Reviewing your products on your blog and linking it to your shopify store will help big time.
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      This is one of the best way dude! salude
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    well link building is good but not enough to get top slot on google.
    it's good if you will move on next steps.
    like guest posts or Web2.0 .
    just use unique content and follow the terms of google.
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    Create 2 relevant blog posts to your shopify store and create links to them. However, make sure cover all your personal information, so Google doesn't know all 3 sites owned by a same person.
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  • Link building, simply put, is the process of getting other websites to link back to your website. All marketers and business owners should be interested in building links to drive referral traffic and increase their site's authority.
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