How to Supercharge Your SEO Campaign with Spun Articles

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Hi warriors this is one of my first posts here so I'll try to make it good.

Maybe you're not sure how to start using spun articles for link building or you just don't want to shell out money for spinning software.

Either way this article will help you out.

First a run-down on the different flavors of spinning.

The Difference Between Manual and Automatic Spun Articles

1. Automatic Spinners. You paste in your article and the words are spun automatically. What comes out is pretty much a jumbled mess but unique nonetheless. It's the fastest way to get a spun article but I don't recommend it.

2. Manual Spinners. You paste your article into the program and spin words and sentences one at a time yourself. You put in the variations so the spun articles don't come out confusing or jumbled - there's a distinct human touch that improves the quality of the spun articles that come out.

The downside is that this takes a lot of time but in the end you get quality spun articles.

Over all kinds of spinning the syntax-style spinning produces the best quality articles which come out copyscape passed.

Article spinning using syntax looks like this:

"I was {talking|chatting|speaking|blabbing} to her."

So many different combinations are possible when you spin a lot of words.

Free Manual Spinning Syntax-Supported Tools To Help You Get Going

1. Matt Callen's Article Spinner is the best syntax article spinner online because of all of the features it has. The library of suggestions make it easier to spin individual words as well as other little perks that come with this free tool. Go to to check it out.

2. is a no-frills barebones article spinning tool. Just paste in your article and put in the variations on the right side. There's not a lot to this tool but its easy to use.

3. When you have the money to upgrade check out I think this is the best spinning solution on the block. Comparing uniqueness of your spun versions is very helpful in determining just how much you need to spin your seed article (variations should come out at at least 30% uniqueness)

What To Do With All of Your Spun Articles Once You've Got Them

1. Submit them to article directories.

You can have this done manually or what I like to do for my own sites is use Article Post Robot. It accepts syntax-spun articles so its pretty easy to just paste in your work and have them submitted.

2. Submit to Web 2.0 content sharing sites.

Here's a list of Web 2.0 sites that you can submit your spun articles to:


3. Have them posted to a blog network.

When dealing with blog networks you normally have two options that look something like this:

1. Pay out the nose for the blog network owner to have his team write unique blog posts for each of his 100 blogs.

2. Have a duplicate article posted across his 100 blogs.

Either way you're in a bad spot.

Using spun articles completely changes the game. Now you can create 100 unique articles from one seed article in around an hour or so and you won't have to pay $100-$200+ for it.

Some Tips and Tricks I've Learned Along the Way

1. Always rotate your anchor text and URLs when you're link building with spun articles. This makes your links appear a lot more natural and you can send some link juice across all of your keywords that need a little pick-me-up.

2. Spin as many titles possible as you can. When I spin titles they look like big spun parahraphs. If this doesn't make sense to you now, it will when you get to this part. Big G pays a lot of attention to how many titles you have, so spend an extra 5 minutes putting a bunch of possibilities in there.

P.S. None of these links are affiliate links.
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