[ask] What is keyword proximity ?

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what is keyword proximity and does it have an effect on SEO ?
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    Keyword selection is really important for online business.
    and it's effective in SEO Field.you can't rank on google if you not choose your keyword's wisely.
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      Yes, I believe so, that is why in SEO application or subscription, you are always required to add suitable key words. It is the key words that the search engine detects and follows it to connect to your website.
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    The keyword proximity refers to the distance between the search term's individual keywords. For example: a website contains the keywords that make up the search term "dentist Boston implant" in the heading "Your professional dentist in Boston; dental practice for minimally invasive implants". The search term proximity between "dentist" and "Boston" is one word, between "Boston" and "implant" it is five words. The smaller the distance between a search term's individual keywords, the more relevant it will be from a search engine's point of view.
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    I am totally agreed with affmarketer101 he describe well how to use keyword proximity while go for SEO.
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    The difference of search term and actual term - keyword proximity
    Keyword plays an important role in SEO friendly site.
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    The relationship or closeness between two keywords can be defined as keyword proximity.
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    The word proximity, which means nearness goes a long way to describe it.
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    It is also sometimes used in reference to images and the words that appear next to/near those images.
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    Keyword proximity in SEO is how keywords are close to another or to another element on the website. its two types of close proximity and far proximity. close proximity is good it's defined that closer your key phrase is together of content so close proximity keywords more relevant from the search engine.


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    Keyword proximity is a process that closeness of keywords. Your keywords should be nearby to each other in web page content.
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    Keyword proximity refers to the distance between the search term's individual keywords. For example: Two websites A and B contains keywords that make up a search term as "Java Questions" and site A has title as "Java Interview Questions" and site B has title "Important Java Questions" then the proximity of site B is higher as compared to site A as there is no distance/words between the search term and the title of site B where as in site A there is one word distance between the search term in title tag.
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