How Can I use a Guest Blog to Generate Traffic

by dee4d
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Good morning Warriors,
I am in the Health and Nutrition Niche, and I have a Nutritionist who is blogging for me.

How can I use her article to optimize my site?
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    whatever you are into , It all depends on if you are willing to spend money for traffic or need to do it for free.
    If you have money you can seek help of online traffic tools, or make use of microworkers. if not you will have to do ground work for nearly months by sharing stuff, bringing in unique viewer to expand the viewer base.
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    • well said Naveen, but in terms of gathering traffic and ranking up a website, there are some SEO services being offered, offers really good quality of SEO Service
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    A few ideas for you Dee:

    1: Write 500 words daily offline to improve your writing skills, to land guest posts.

    2: Comment genuinely on health and nutrition blogs. Promote these bloggers on your blog and through social media.

    3: Publish helpful content to your blog.

    4: Follow this strategy from a genuine energy for months.

    Make blogging buddies with folks whose blogs you promote and comment on. Some buddies invite you to guest post; others accept your pitches to guest post on their blogs.

    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    Originally Posted by dee4d View Post

    How can I use her article to optimize my site?
    What does this mean?

    If you want more blog readers, then write quality content and submit to social media cultivating a large social media presence.

    That's it.
    I sell backlinks on some of the most lucrative editorial websites in the world.
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      This is some of the easy ways to generate more traffic, commended!
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    Hi, It is a simple to answer that create the unique article and submit on Social Media daily. And also publish unique content on your blog.
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    Tips to Optimize guest blogging for Website Search Engine Optimization

    1. First you can set few rules for Guest Blogging -
    • Blogging Content title should be catchy and on latest trends
    • Length of the content 1000+
    • H1 and H2 Proper Heading Tags for blog Content.
    • High Quality and Copyrighted Image with proper length.
    • Suggest best Topic according to you.


    Lemosys Infotech is the leading website development company in India, We are team of dedicated web developer. Hire us to get high level IT services for your Business.

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    Well seing result with your site its not only about optimizing .You need to bring value ,original content ,new ideas ,promote your website etc . I think a big mitake its that people focus to much on seo and forget on the value they must need give to people
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    Originally Posted by dee4d View Post

    Good morning Warriors,
    I am in the Health and Nutrition Niche, and I have a Nutritionist who is blogging for me.

    How can I use her article to optimize my site?
    Why can't you write it yourself?
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  • Profile picture of the author dee4d
    Thank you all for this invaluable advise.
    Stay Healthy all your Life, and Avoid Lifesty Diseases Later in Life. Enjoy life to the fullest.
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  • Profile picture of the author Janvi Arora
    You have following options -
    1. If you have sufficient budget to buy traffic, you can spend that budget on sites like OutBrain and Taboola which help you bring traffic and generate leads. Thee sites charge you on CPC basis that means you will be charged on each click you get from the campaign.
    2. If you don't want to spend money, you can reach bloggers that accepts guest posts and receive large amout of traffic to their blog. Send them your article for review. If they like it, they will publish it on their site and you will get a link from the article which helps you increase visitors to your website.
    3. If you are willing to publish the article on your site, make sure to share the article link on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram etc. Build links for the articles by participating in different SEO Off Page Techniques like Q/A participation, blog commenting, social bookmarking etc. These are the most common techniques used by SEO firms to generate traffic.

    Want to Future-Proof Your Online Business? Make Your Website SEO Friendly. Click here ->

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    Guest blogging helps you gain traffic, get in front of your audience, and boost your SEO ranking in a cost-effective way.

    It helps you gain traffic because you're able to get in front of a large and relevant audience--If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Plus, you establish credibility and authority by providing a valuable article and being shown on a reputable site. Once you provide value, these readers will go to your site.

    It also earns you backlinks. Backlinks help your SEO ranking. On top of that, having an article on a highly-ranked site means the post will rank higher on a search engine than it would on your lower-ranking site.
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  • There are many ways to increase traffic through guest blog
    1. Write your informative content in minimum 1000 words
    2. Guest blogging on high PA DA sites and relevant to your category
    3. Share it with social media sites
    4. You can do blog comments on relevant bloggers
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    Some ways to increase your traffic through guest blogging:
    1. Determine where and who your customers are
    2. Write a great and unique content
    3. Guest blogging
    4. Generate inbound links
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    m doing SEO for my website, pretty much learning under someone from the scratch. Building quality and unique content is some deal for sure. it requires deep understanding of the web and things reacts to the stuff that you are doing.
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    1. Develop a quality content
    2. Promote other bloggers through your blogs and make the attention
    3. Build the Attention of audience by promoting your blogs through different social media platforms
    4. Trust Building.
    Once you got some Reputation to your blogs you can ask for guest posting .
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  • Profile picture of the author Varun Keskar
    Invite writers to guest post on your site, or reach out to bloggers in your niche and provide them free samples or sponsor a guest post. Whichever works best!
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    You should carefully Choose the website according to your niche market. Post a relevant Content which the users are searching. Make it rich using High-Quality images and the Content should be Unique. Link your website to the most suitable keyword so that when the user comes to the post. The anchor link will take you the relevant post for which you are searching.
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  • Profile picture of the author nettech4
    Good morning Warriors,
    I am in the Health and Nutrition Niche, and I have a Nutritionist who is blogging for me.

    How can I use her article to optimize my site?
    Ask her to write interesting articles for your site and you publish them after proper reviews. Make sure those articles are genuine and written for readers with real value worth of reading.
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    Keep publishing them on your website and start researching about guest posting. Also share your content in social media platforms.
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    "You can use these search query for your guest posting.

    keyword intitle:"write for us"
    Keyword "submit a guest post"
    Keyword inurl:/guest-post/
    Keyword "guest post"
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