Best rotating proxies and applications to use?

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Looking for the best cost to price ratio proxy providers out there. Considering to be using the proxies for SEO, AD verification, Price comparison and some other data collection of course.
Have you guys done anything like this before and could recommend me the provider to choose? Also, ready to go applications to use with proxies do interest me too.

Thanks for the information!
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    Go for Beautiful Soup (Python library) and choose any residential proxy provider. Datacenter addresses often cause failures and were one of the better investments for me. However, it depends on how aggressively you want to approach this.
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      Thanks! Though the question will go unanswered. Will surely check it out!
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      Both Smartproxy and Luminati are awesome for such tasks. Especially because of the residential, have been having a hard time with datacenter ones. Would not recommend struggling with those.
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    i actually came across a good one and wrote it down on my notes. its
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  • Profile picture of the author mikec2010 and are both famous one. Never heard of Stormproxies.

    How can we get some IP addresses from Stormproxies to check with to make sure it is residential?
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    you can use hoxx vpn proxy which is also have free option and premium version and easy to use.
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    Hi, shameless plug for (I helped build it), you upload a spreadsheet with blank cells and it automatically fills them in, using human workers where necessary. Much faster than building a programmatic scraper.
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    Hi, I know Selenium, Puppeteer and Multilogin all work with and I found they had how-to webinars and stuff so maybe that will help you in terms of a one-stop shop solution.
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