How Come My Pages Are Still Able To Be Fetched, Even Though Set To NoIndex?

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I'm using All-In-One SEO plugin (Yoast started acting up).

I have set "tag" "category" and "Author" pages to noindex, however, I found some of them in the google results.

I entered them into the Fetch As Google tool, and the pages still show as "Complete". When they are properly set to no index, they should show as unavailable, no?

Any ideas on what may be going on here? Thanks
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    There is no reason to noindex anything....

    If you block a page using htaccess, the noindex is never seen...
    (Yeah, I know....sounds not quite right)

    In the way the internet works, the only sure fire way to take pages offline...
    Is to...well...take them offline.

    Google, other search engines, the internet,.....are not perfect.

    There is no reason to ever noindex anything.

    It makes no sense.

    If you don't want it to be seen, take it offline. Delete it.

    Why on earth would you not want those pages to be seen?

    Who cares if google indexes them? Or doesn't?

    You must have heard from a guy who knows a guy....who thinks he knows.

    Google actually tells you straight up: noindex does not mean it aint gonna show up.

    Somewhere, sometime...


    If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    Think there's any purpose for tag pages? Just curious.

    Any possible negative effect if I delete them all?

    Think the tags on my blogs may actually help with rankings?

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    Noindex is really useful for data collection.

    You want to sculpt how a person arrives at a given page.

    Sometimes you want it to be solely via internal pathways.

    Not from a search engine.

    No reason for category, author, contact, etc. to be noindex.....

    (and here's the kicker...)

    Unless you want people to actually visit your page, surf to the contact page....passing through your money pages.

    Or maybe a page that is the end question of some completion.

    Just for laughs I did a few searches on google for contact of various big, online companies. I did not even have to to visit the site. Google just gave me the contact info above the results.

    Now if your pages that you noindex are ones you wish to surf sculpt (for lack of a better term) use noindex.

    Just don't block it using other methods as well.

    I see no reason to noindex your pages. The chances are slim to none that anyone will find them in a search. And if they do, hey, it just means you have more pages indexed. Not a bad thing.


    If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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