Why is my website not cached on Google, but its pages are indexed?

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My website is https://www.olivehealthandtravel.co.uk/
This is indexed in google, but not cached. Whenever I checked cached date its showing 404 Error. Every web page show 404 error.
I checked Robots.txt file, Index Follow tag and whatever. But still I'm not getting exactly solution. If you can help me about that then please share your suggestions.
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    same thing happens to me try fetching its direct link.
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    Adding a / to the end of your site URL within the cached URL works.

    Not sure how to fix that but adding slashes may solve the issue.

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    Indeed some pages are cached, some are not - https://webcache.googleusercontent.c...&hl=en&ct=clnk

    Try "Fetch and Render" in Google Search Console and see if you can find issues.
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      mate it shows as cached even though get error 404 (from google search results)
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        Originally Posted by Lousiphonsek View Post

        mate it shows as cached even though get error 404 (from google search results)
        Yes. You've got to manually add the slash to the site URL.

        Compare the 2 URLs I listed. I manually added the slash to test a theory. The original in Google hasn't been fixed by forcing the slash so it still shows 404.

        If, though, the OP can find the way to force the slash, it should work.

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      I have done it but find same issues from it.
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    One easy way is to do a 301 redirect in .htaccess

    Force trailing slash
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    From my experience indexing and caching can always get a little funky with Google especially with smaller websites. What you think should be instant can take a few days to catch up in the Google system. Also be sure to clear the cookies in your own personal computer before you check things like this.
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  • hey same issues i am facing now .i do fetch as a google and render also but nothing that happens
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    so am i facing this issue since july.why google is not fixing this
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      i got my answer yesterday google bot actually visits at, if your ranking is not facing an drop.
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        hey Lousiphonsek!!
        my ranking is still same ,no dropping here but why google chache not working for me from 2 months
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    For starters, the robots.txt file is blocking all search engine bots. Secondly, I was just taking a look at the live site and I received a message that stated something like; "This IP has been blocked for today due to activity similar to bots." I had only visited two or three pages and the cached home page. Suffice to say, you need to remove the User-agent: * Disallow: / directive from robots.txt and find a better way to handle potentially malicious bots. Otherwise, you're going to have a bad time. My guess is the robots.txt file was pushed from dev to production and no one edited it. As for the IP blocking script, I'm Paul and that's between y'all. But either fix or remove it. You also don't necessarily want blank/useless robots.txt directives either. Only block those files and directories you need to block.
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    You people are just clueless.

    A 404 google cache is meaningless and does not matter for squat.

    It's a google internal problem and means absolutely nothing as far as your site being indexed goes.

    I suppose in the very, very rare event that your page is offline and someone, just someone, wants to view it at that very instant in time....and knows to click on google cache....

    But then, why would that ever happen?


    If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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