Is it possible to recover keyword ranking after google penalty? (by recent Google update)

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My website had penalized by Google (by recent Google update), Is it possible to recover keyword ranking after google penalty. How can I get my ranking back. website is www(dot)mythesis(dot)co(dot)in.

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    Yes, you can recover keywords ranking again First you read recently Google update and it's guideline because google change some update related to keywords content meta etc. so update the website according to new Google update maybe it will help to improve back.
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    An algorithm update is not the same thing as a "penalty". A penalty is something you would be notified of in Search Console.

    Both can be recovered from, but before you can begin, you nee to know what is wrong. Manual penalties that Google tells you about in Search Console are easy enough to identify. If it is an algorithm, it's always about the quality of content on your site and how well it matches user intent (compared to other sites ranking well for the query) or it is about crappy backlinks that have been devalued since the previous update.
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    There's a big difference between algorithmic and manual penalties is that the first ones are automatic and are usually applied with various Google Updates, while the second ones are manually applied by a Google employee. You can recover from both of them.

    You need to identity exactly what happened by first checking your Google Webmaster Tools account, since that is the only place you're going to be announced of the Google penalties that have been applied to your site. Identifying exactly what harmed your site/keyword's rankings is the first thing you have to do. If you found what happened then you need to accept the decision with calm and proceed to solving the issue.
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    You can recover from keyword ranking even after google penalty. You need to check the bad backlinks & quality of content to recover from google penalty.
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    You can always recover the lost Website traffic .
    First identify if it is manual google update or Algorithem Update.
    If it is manual update , you can able to look into the message in webmaster and correct the things with the developer ( if it is virus or any canonical issues or any technical issues) .
    If is related to digital marketing off page or on page , you can do it yourself or with digital marketing specialist.
    If it is about algorithem update, try to understand what is the update about .
    Google updates will be explained in the popular seo blogs like searchengineland or searchenginejournal .
    After reading this articles, you can fix the issues in your website.
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    When someone gets penalized, that guy feels like ''this is the end of the world''. There is some hope but takes time.

    HOW? - you need some tools which can find out what wrong you have done against the rules of the internet god. Example Semrush, eHref, Majestic, etc. This tools are capable of finding toxic backlinks and on-page corrections.

    Export the toxic backlinks and debug that links using Google debug tool. If there is any corrections required in on-page then do it.

    Google takes few weeks to understand your changes. Let Google robot work slowly. Till that time, you can drive some targeted traffic to your site which should improve your bounce rate.

    This always work.
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