how to promote my site in google?

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Hi everyone, I am the new one in this SEO field so can anyone help me how to promote my site in google?
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    If you want to increase the organic reach of your website than SEO will be the focus area.
    work on you on page & off page activity of your website.
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    To promote your site in Google, you'll have to perform On-Page and Off-Page activities. On-Page activities may include optimizing images, contents of your site using keywords, internal linking, SEO friendly title, URL, meta tags, meta descriptions, etc. Whereas Off-Page activities include Guest Blogging, Forum posting, Blog commenting, article submission, directory submission, social media posting ( including video uploading), answering questions on Quora and Yahoo and so forth.
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    To start with your website promotion on Google, start working on On Page activities that includes using keywords, proper meta descriptions, meta tags, internal linking, SEO Friendly URL etc. Then Further start with Off page Activities like Profile Creations, Business Listing, Blog Posting, blog commenting, video submissions etc.
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    There are tons of guides online that will teach you SEO. One of the better ones is Brian Dean's Definitive Guide to SEO in 2018. I like his because it really concentrates on how to earn real links. His on-site SEO recommendations are spot-on, as well.
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    My PROVEN ecommerce process, as seen on: Fox Business News, the NY Times & Flippa
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    You should focus on On Page SEO and Off Page SEO both to get traffic. Apart from this Social Media Marketing can help you also to promote your website.
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    The core of what you will be doing: helping people by creating content and building friendships by promoting top folks in your niche, without asking for anything in return. Powerful 1-2 punch.

    Toss in a helpful course by Brian Dean or Neil Patel and you can get all the helpful details to optimize your site for Google.

    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    First of all, you can check the keywords rankings of the website from Moz so that you know. Then check domain and page authority. In SEO, you have two parts: On-page SEO and Off-page SEO. By following these steps you can promote your website on Google.
    On-Page SEO:
    Meta Titles
    Meta Descriptions
    Heading Tags
    Robots file
    Image txt file
    Google Analytics
    Webmaster tools

    Off-Page SEO:
    Article Submission
    Guest Posting
    Social Bookmarking
    Image Posting
    Video Posting
    Business Directory
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    There are 2 ways you can promote your site on Google -
    1. Paid Promotions/PPC - Google AdWords is the most prominent paid platform to promote your site on Google. If you have optimum budget,go for paid promotions. All you need to do is create an AdWords account, set budget, create ads, add keywords to your ad campaign and run it. It delivers quick results.
    2. SEO - SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it's the practice of optimizing your sites to make them reach a high position in Google's search results. Though the results take time to reflect on the search engine, they are trustworthy and remain there for longer term.
    SEO is divided into 2 parts as -
    1. Onpage Optimization
    2. Offpage Optimization
    Onpage Optimization includes optimization related to your site health which optimization of Title and Meta tags, Site Speed, Content optimization and many more things.
    Offpage optimization includes building backlinks to your site in order to get traffic as well as rank higher in Google. Some techniques include Guest Posting, Q/A Participation, Content Marketing, Blog Commenting, Document sharing etc.

    Want to Future-Proof Your Online Business? Make Your Website SEO Friendly. Click here ->

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    I think back link method is the most powerful in your case.
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    Originally Posted by sonamg9291710 View Post

    Hi everyone, I am the new one in this SEO field so can anyone help me how to promote my site in google?

    If you want to promote your website in Google to get better rank so you need to hire SEO Experts because they have got more experience and they deeply aware with Google Upadates and other advance things too.

    I just want to provide you few SEO formulas to get better rank as well as to improve your online presence.

    Formula #1: Use competitive analysis

    Formula #2: Get active on social media

    Formula #3: Optimize on-page elements

    Formula #4: Generate backlinks

    If you follow these formulas so nobody can stop you to get better rank in Google.

    Best Regards
    Shoaib Saleem [Edited by moderator. Promote in your sig, not in your posts)
    Get My Assignment Help - 100% Money Back Guarantee!
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    If you want to promote your website in google you should focus on search engine optimization. The main thing is On Page, if your on page seo is awesome with google policy then you can get more traffic on your website with your keywords.

    Here are few tips i have mentioned :

    Make sure your website has fast loading speed.
    Use different Meta tags such as H1, H2, and H3 to differentiate between your dominant and accessory keywords.
    Use adjectives or adverbs in your title such as best, amazing, 2018. Along with this, you should have your title tag with your keyword.
    Don't forget to provide outlinks and internal links in your content
    Use your existing relationships with any blogs or forums to promote your website.
    Use different mediums such as Search Console to get an added insight on how your website is performing.
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    I f you wanna learn, BUY A SEO COURSE.

    IF you wanna more quick results: buy a service from a seo agency here or in bhw.
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    In-order to promote your website on Google, You have 2 different ways to do it. They are:
    1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization): It is an Organic way/free way to get results on the SERPS. But it will take time to get results. It is a long-term process but very powerful.

    2. SEM(Search Engine Marketing): It is a Paid way of getting results on SERPS. In the Google Ads we have to bid for keywords and set all the campaigining stuff. It is a quick way to get result but remember it is a paid one. We have to pay for each and every click on our Ad.
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    google adwords is the best method for promotions
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    There is Two ways to promote your business.
    1. Organic or Free posting way
    2. Paid posting

    In organic way below mentioned activities you can do with unique content.
    1. Business Listing
    2. Press Release
    3. Social Book Marking
    4. Social media Posting
    5. Blog Submission
    6. Forums
    7. Blog commenting
    8. PDF sharing
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    Well you must have to go through certain SEO techniques to divert organic traffic. In On Page SEO you must look for keyword analysis mostly Long tail keywords are good enough to rank, Make sure that you have quality content on your website as it has effective impact in search visibility.
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    good luck learn SEO and Implant wisely you will surely make mistakes as you are new to this although you will learn everyday.
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    do link building on High DA/PA, Guest Post
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  • Focus on Website SEO. ...
    Social Media Marketing. ...
    Search Engine Listing. ...
    Signature Branding. ...
    Reciprocal Linking. ...
    Focus on Quality Content. ...
    Use Google Local Business.
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    You need to have a steady flow of content that either solves entertains inspires.Don't make the big mistake of writing for google i.e keyword stuffing . You need to ensure that your site is ootimized improving things likeage load speed ,each page must be keyword optimized and you also need to make sure that you theme i e site lay out is user friendly.
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    You can use google adwords, Onpage and Offpage.
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    You can use for very best option for Google you can use Facebook viral page and it's very effective and second seo but you are patient in this options and third you can use Facebook ads because it's run fastly and cheapest price and audience automaticaly your site visit this
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    It's hard to explain all in this thread. You should search SEO guide on Neil Patel blog, he has really good guides on SEO for beginners.
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    Use Social Networks and Free sites where you can leave the high quality content
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