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Hi Everyone, I have a problem with some of my website can you guys please help me? Actually, I did content writing for my clients websites with low competition keywords (keywords competition is below 100). EZ4 Insurance Quotes dot com. It's been a month now but the keywords are still not in search results. All URLs are indexed, but still not in search results even not in top 500 search results. I also have created some high quality backlinks, but nothing is working now after the latest updates in Google Search Console.


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    Maybe there are some hidden pages with lots of content on them, but they sure don't seem to be navigable.

    What I see is essentially a home page, an About Us page and a couple of other pages nobody cares about (Privacy Policy, Licenses, Legal). Neither the home page nor the About Us page have even 300 words on them.

    I cannot imagine going after long term disability insurance phrases is the least competitive thing in the world and even if it was, there is nothing on either page that likely isn't on 100s of other websites vying for the same business.

    In the insurance game, you're going to need backlinks - lots of them - and really solid editorially placed ones from respected sites. Tossing a couple hundred words or less on two pages and expecting Google to rank a site that looks like every other site out there isn't going to cut it.
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      Well, these pages are important for the website, but the problem is why the keywords are not still in search results. No matter what pages are. You mean I need to write more content on the pages? Can you please tell me how many more words are enough for good content writing?

      Long term disability insurance is not actually the keyword, he does not provide insurance, he just provide quotes/price for insurance. Actually, the keyword is "long term disability insurance rates" which have only 44 competitors, if you google "allintitle:long term disability insurance rates" but have good monthly searches. I don't think there is any other good keyword than this one.

      You are right, we need very strong backlinks but in my experience, this specific keyword that I mentioned above should be in search results without even having a single backlink, because the competition is almost none.

      What you say? Please provide your expert opinion.

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    A few things Brad:

    - it has only been one month; too quick a time to see results

    - what type of high quality backlinks? Buddy if you built these links in a month they are not high quality LOL. It takes months and months to earn top blogger's trust, to gain links on genuinely high quality sites.

    Build bonds, create helpful guest posts, and in 3-6 months, things will keep improving for you.

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      Hey Ryan, Thanks buddy for your reply. I have 8 years of experience in SEO and brought so many websites in top search results. I have some resources where I can quickly create backlinks and can lift a website in top search results in three months.

      Actually, right now, there are some issues that i am not understanding because of some updates in Google Search Console that affected my SEO strategy. Before that update what I was doing that Writing High Quality Content, creating sitemap, setting up robots.txt and then submit the sitemap and url in google search console than just after website is indexed keywords appear in search results, but right now its been a month now, i did the same, but the keywords are not in search results now. that's why I am here to get help from professionals like you.
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    When you say quality backlinks. Who controls the anchor text?
    You? Or is it out of your control?

    A good backlink has to come from a quality source (good neighborhood), but it also needs to be anchor text that you don't control.

    Are the sites you're putting the links on relevant to your site at all?

    Just things to keep in mind.

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      Originally Posted by Trevor Sands View Post

      You have to wait three month for it to be on google search..
      Maybe you do not understand the OP's issue but it does not take three months to rank keywords. It can take anywhere from hours to never. I very consistently rank keywords within 24 hours. There are so many factors involved it is impossible to predict when good medium to hard keywords will rank.
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        You are the one who understands the issue. Do you think I need to change content and resubmit website for Google crawler?
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    Maybe if you PM us the website in question, we may be able to provide more meaningful advice custom-tailored to that website.
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    Good relevent Content with targeting keywords, quality backlinks, Blogs, SMO, focusing long tail keywords is the main SEO Strategy in 2018
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    I think the best strategy for 2018 is developing your content and then outreach back-link by link roundup or skyscraper technique.
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  • SEO Strategy 2018

    Update Relevant Content
    High pr Link building
    Internal linking
    social Media Marketing
    Info-graphics submission
    Use Always long Tail keywords
    SEO URL Friendly
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    hey as in alexa there is no ranking
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    Had you properly work onpage seo?
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    Hi Brad,

    You have to submit your sitemap to the google search console. After that, all URLs will be indexed properly. Try to do OFF page submission to all HIgh PA DA websites.
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    I think you evaluate the competition somehow incorrect.
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