Having Some Success with my Website - Wondering if I can get a full-time job doing SEO

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I'm having some success with my website. Traffic is picking up organically - really from my blog (long tail keywords). People are following me on Twitter. I've been doing this all part-time. My real job is working for a Fortune 18 company as an IT Analyst. To tell you the truth - I hate the job but it pays pretty good.

I was thinking maybe since I have this experience doing SEO (also have experience with paid advertisement - but not a whole lot), that maybe I can get a job doing SEO full-time?

Just wondering if anyone has done that? I really like SEO and writing articles along w/ some landing pages, maybe I should take my career doing this.

What do you guys think?
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    you should building news site. That's health, sport,... And building the guest post system. It's make big money and freedo.
    Sorry my Grammar so bad.
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    I remember as a kid I had good success pulling my teeth out.

    I wondered if I could have gotten a job as a dentist.


    If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    SEO is very interesting and good field. I am also doing SEO as a full time. I would suggest you that go to this field. At a regular basis, you can learn new things for SEO.
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    Don't leave the job as no doubt the SEO is the best!

    Make a proper plan - Do your Job regularly, plan with SEO, there are lots of options in it like hire some professionals guide them about your business plans in the SEO by creating a good business website, go with proper marketing for your business website, the with respect to time leave the job, then enjoy the SEO...
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    You have to qualify what do you mean doing full-time SEO.. one of the two scenarios may be your inclination:

    Scenario A - you rank your own websites, and get profits based on whatever are offered on your websites
    Scenario B - you rank websites owned by others or clients, and get paid for the activities or the results

    Or a combination of the two scenarios.. wherein you are working towards achieving that scenario you like better..
    500+ Leads | Quality Traffic
    choose target location
    choose industry
    according to your needs
    for your business or offers
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    Even if you have experience doing Seo for your website, it doesn't guarantee that you'll be able to do everything the Seo clients ask you to do. Before you try to take on Seo jobs, first learn about the duties of an Seo expert, make sure you are able to do all of them satisfactorily.

    You can find these information on job list websites, look at the list of things clients expects the Seo expert will be able to do. If you see that you can do all of them, go ahead and work for clients.
    Get Your Facebook ad, Google ad, Solo ad, Landing page copy and Sales copy written for you by Fiverr Ad Writing Specialist
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    If you can earn enough with satisfaction then i think you shouldn't switch your job. But it isn't enough for you then you should go for it.
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    Search engine optimization is a decent and quite intriguing field. I am doing search engine optimization as the moment that is complete. I'd suggest you who proceed for the area. For search engine optimization, you'll find things that are new on a normal basis.
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