I want to see top 500-1000 results in Google search. Is it possible via free tool?

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I want to check my client rank in top 1000 results in Google search. Is it possible to check top 500 or top 1000 search result at once? Please let me know?
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    Share some more information please.
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    To the best of my knowledge, no, it is not possible. The max results they will show on a page are 100.

    Frankly, I don't understand the point in knowing the exact ranking spot number if you are ranking any worse than 100 (or 20, for that matter).
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    Maximum that you can see is 100 results per page. This can be through search setting on Google search page.
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    what? I see only 100 result in google search when I setting
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    There has always been a way to change the results to 500.

    At the bottom of the results click the triangle beside "Rows per page:" You will have six options with the highest one being 500. Page 2 will show 501 - 999. I use that almost all the time to see more results at once.

    They are rolling out a new look search console. I got mine today and so far I really like it. Search rankings, clicks, impressions etc is now called "Performance". My one big gripe it that they eliminated the numbering on the far left side. The numbers were very handy to quickly see how many keywords were in position 1 and for many other reasons.
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      I am unable to find triangle beside "rows per page"? please help
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        same here rakhi
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        Originally Posted by Rakhi Kaur View Post

        I am unable to find triangle beside "rows per page"? please help
        Oops! In my answer above I thought you were talking about when you were looking at search data in your Google Search Console. My answer was wrong because it had nothing to do with your question.

        The smarter people above me answered correctly.

        There is a Chrome extension that will allow you to continuously scroll without having to click the next page: gInfinity
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    You cannot see all the keywords once in one page of the Google. But I would suggest to you the few steps which you want to see the within 5 pages of Google at least 500 search results.
    1) First, press buttons Ctrl, Shift, N and you will see the black screen over it.
    2) Then in the browser write google.com.pk.
    3) Pk means Pakistan, you can write in your country.
    4) Press enter
    5) At the rightmost bottom, you will see <Settings>.
    6) Click over it and <Search Settings>
    7) You will see result per page and scroll over to the 100.
    8) Select the region settings.
    9) Save
    10) Then now enter your keyword, you will see 100 results at one page.
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    I don't think it can be done. They limit their search intentionally to get more clicks and read your mouse behavior to build a profile and to target you with a market of your interest. If they allow a third party to get the results from them, no one would visit to search.

    I have a suggestion but it won't help you find your Google rank. You can use your Alexa rank instead and compare it on a weekly basis.
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    You can only see upto 100 results max in google SERP.
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