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Hello Everyone..
I started selling 301redirect backlink from Forbes , BBC , CNN , HuffPost , The Guardian etc in 30$ , After I scrap those dead domains, which were belonging to some great business or people..

Then I started researching upon its effect , After around 76 sales, 60 of those links did the boost to our client's site as expected , But in the remaining 16, 12 of them did nothing at all, and 4 of them is reported that it was even trying to lower down the rankings so they stopped the redirection..

To all the clients, I instructed them to create a relevant 2500 words new post and do my redirection on that particular url, not the home and from that posts start taking interlinks..
And not more than 25 such links could be applied so that google doesnt suspect it..
I even recommend them daily 100 manual shares towards the site so that google will think that site is gaining its authority from social..

I was just wondering what more could be done so that even those 16 should lso start showing the result !!
Any expert help is appreciated. Thank you..
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    Clever idea. I'd love to see you solve the mystery so you can hit a 100% success rate and scale that tactic. It's hard to say exactly what happened without seeing the specific redirects that didn't work.

    My hunch is that there's a discrepancy somewhere. For example, do the unsuccessful redirects have a low domain authority or did those domains have other sketchy link building efforts surrounding your link? Or maybe the quality of the articles your clients wrote is poor?

    I'd be curious to hear the results if you get to the bottom of it.

    Good luck.
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    You are stealing people's money.

    As well as being a complete clueless, idiot.

    You are taking clients...is insanity.

    People paying you....is robbery.


    If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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      Elaborate a little !
      Elaborate as much as you can !
      WTH do you mean ..!
      As long as my clients are happy and they are getting the boost, Its a good deal.
      Good for both of us,
      A natural link would cost them 2250$, And a mini option of my link of 30$ , would increase their authority as well as it will build site's great link profile.
      Wanna give this a Try yourself Paulgl , Any more 1 penny books portal you need a boost on !!

      You are staying and writing such thing on a platforms where offers are made.. not the HOLY-GRAIL !!

      Hope you get it someday soon..
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    Among those 16 under my observation, 7 of them were not working, because that particular link was removed from those DA95 Sites..
    Now have to see the issues in remaining 9 out of 76 total..
    Started experimenting with few social shares a day, Lets see if it starts the spark.

    Clients I care a lot, Gave them another 2 free links to keep them happy and blessed..
    In case any one of you wish to try it, Feel free to ping me anytime.
    Thank you.
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    As that specific connection was removed from those DA95 websites, One of those 16 underneath my monitoring, 7 of them are not functioning
    You have to find that the dilemmas at remaining 9 out of 76 total.
    If that the trigger is started by it Launched trying out societal stocks every time, kindly see.
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