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abc.com/software development/mobile
abc.com/mobile development/mobile

when i create a page i put that page by mistake in wrong category after some months when i add new category i put this in that new category

so my question is how can i remove the page from wrong category,should i 301 redirect that page to correct category but problem is i already had lot of 301 for my site
so i dont want to increase the 301 redirect chains
so is there any other way in thata scenario ? suggest me if any ?
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    Having lots of one-time 301s of individual pages is not a problem. The only time 301s might be a problem is when the same page gets 301'd multiple times.

    And, of course, it may not need to be 301'd at all if the page doesn't have links pointing at it. If you have internal links that point at the old URL, simply change those internal links to the new URL. If they are external links from other websites, you may be able to convince all of those sites to change the URL or you may have to 301 it on your site if you do not get cooperation.
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