"postname.html" URLs redirect to postname only url in Wordpress

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I have my wordpress permalink setting at: %post-name%.html
(A developer did that 4 yrs ago, I kept neglecting and now I have 700 posts)
I want to switch to usual %post-name% permalink.
Now If I change it, it gives 404 error as auto redirect is not happening.
I used 'Redirection' plugin but it gives error: 301 redirect supported, this one is 200 redirect.
I want to know:
1. How to do solve this? (I got to know htaccess method may work, but I am not sure which code to add as there are various versions available only)
2. Will it affect my SEO ranking (Recently I did SSL certificate installation and its already redirecting https)?
3. What are possible risks to continue current pattern of .html?
Thanks in Advance.
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