Deceptive content: http link in the WordPress plugin script used in the page?

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We have recently received "Social engineering content" warning from Google. One of our important pages and it's internal links have been marked with "Deceptive site ahead" notice. But we don't employ any such content as mentioned by Google.

We are using a WordPress plugin for the layout of the page. The script in the page source contains two http links. Do you think these links are reason behind getting this notice from Google?

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    I don't know if anyone here can answer such a vague question. I know your best bet would be to ask the people who have a problem with it - Google.

    Of course, that often means picking up a telephone and speaking to a real human being - something that more and more people seem to be terrified of doing these days.
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    You could try deactivating the plugin, clearing your cache and loading the page again. If the page loads normally with no warning, you know the culprit.
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    Personally I'd never use any plugin that links to another site. That owner can redirect that link to anything without you knowing, which could definitely harm your SEO. Don't do it. There are a billion plugins out there, so just find something similar or better that doesn't require an outbound link.
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    We can never concisely decipher that on what grounds Google does what it does. The main issue is that you've got a Deceptive Content warning. Now, as per your post, you just have a plugin containing 2 links which are http. And to be honest, those links could very well be the reason behind this issue.

    It's pretty evident from this scenario that the culprit here is that plugin itself or something related to that plugin. What you can do is, try deleting/removing the plugin and try reloading the after clearing the cache.
    If, after the page loads and the same warning is shown, you'll know what was wrong.
    Try this, and revert back here if the problem persists.
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    Yep, Dave is right.
    It could be false-negitive, something that generated by one of G's filters
    Get your answers from horses mouth - Google.

    If you know that there is nothing wrong with your links, then it would be
    job of G. to direct you in the right direction by reviewing this case manually.

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