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I am looking for a bit of advice. We have recently inherited a website which has recently been re-designed and moved to a new server.

The old site was built in Coldfusion and the new site has been re-built in Wordpress and has been migrated to a new server, which has created a lot of errors in Webmaster Tools. The old site has now been deleted.

It is currently showing 3,220 404 errors.

The old site had non SEO friendly URLS, for instance:


The new site has SEO friendly URL's

So my question is what is the best way to handle all of these 404's? They are all linked from the old site (which no longer exists). I can't 301 redirect them as a, i don't know what was on the page previously (as it no longer exists) and also, a lot of them were dynamic pages.

So, can i just leave them, instead of re-directing them? If i do that, how long will they take to disappear from the SERPS?
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    You could create a script to run on your error handling 404 page, to extract the keywords from the not found URL, then search your site for those terms, and present links of the most relevent pages to your users, with a notice about the site redesign.

    Something like: We have recently redesigned our site.
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    I hope none of those pages had links pointing to them.

    Bye-bye rankings.

    That sounds like a serious mess and some definite mishandling of a site migration. I hope you are firing whoever handled that or getting a refund.

    You can try to look through web.archive.org and see what pages they might have archived in there.

    It's going to take hours and hours if they have many of them though.
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    Your website is build on Tilda?
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    Do you have cPanel on your hosting ?
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    There may be the possibility of some page location changed. So there is an increase of 404 errors.
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    If possible then collect all old URL's if it found in web.archive.org and redirect them to new URLs with 301 redirections.
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