can this work to rank video on youtube?

by dj2590
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hello everyone, I was just wondering if this is a good seo strategy for my youtube videos. set up a bing ads campaign for my targeted keywords, and send traffic from bing to my youtube videos for a bunch of real views, head over to SEO clerks and buy comments/likes.. than buy a link pyramid package from fiverr... I learned this from dan brocks dead beat affiliate... does anyone think this strategy can work?
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    Whatever you do just stay away from Fiverr. This type of services in Fiverr are mostly spam.
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    This will be count as spam. You can keep sharing along with your ideas in different social networking sides.
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    It could work depending on the quality of the backlinks from Fiverr. I think the best strategy to rank a YouTube video is manual high quality backlinks.

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      What is manual high quality backlinks?
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    You can post your video link in facebook's entertainment group, from their you can get lots of views.
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    Well why to use bing ads to get views when you can use it to get sales or to build an email list etc . I think its so expensive to use it for bing ads . But if your video its a promotional one where you can get a sale after people view it then this can work and can be efective
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    well I did everything I listed above, and i'm ranking 12 videos in the same niche using the same keywords (tags) the keywords im using are very competitive but I still managed to rank high on almost every single keywords (tag)... Im promoting a clickbank offer and I've gotten over 300 hops today and not one single sale or orderform impression? is this common? I mean.. the product i'm promoting is pretty descent!
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    Bing ads won't rank anything, let alone youtube.
    It may bring a few real views.

    The rest is just junk science.

    In fact, you are violating youtube policies and might get banned and deleted.

    Backlinks to the video are useless, as they are not backlinks.

    You want to embed the video for real views on a webpage, and link to that page.

    Post videos on FB and twitter for more real views.

    Go around youtube commenting....your post links to your site (not a real link), but people click to your profile.

    Speaking of real links to your profile page. That is a real page.


    If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    I guess the best way to gain views on youtube is to create interesting content.
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    Instead of buying Bing Ads, why don't you just by a YouTube Ad?
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    Promote it on social media. It is the best free platform to do so. Yes, you can use ads, it is the most effective way for your video to be visible, but it won't guarantee that they will check your video. Buying comments and likes are not the worst way, but when choosing the platform that provide likes and comments, make sure that you purchase it from the reputable platform that serve real users.
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    Don't go for Fiverr as they can not guarantee the backlinks created for your video are high quality or not spam.
    Bringing paid traffic to your YouTube videos won't change the ranking.
    You can get real engagement from the users by sharing videos on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and many more.
    Writing a keyword rich video description would also help in ranking higher.
    Share videos on other video sharing sites.

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    Yes this will work but only if your video has what the viewers wants since this method can give you the boost that it wants and YT will push it to top but if the video isnt worthy then it will fall off soon.
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