My Ranking Dropped just dropped - Need Urgent Help

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I was ranking for this keyword Call Center Services. The Keyword was ranking in 15th Position but after the 14 December Google algo update my ranking has gone to 50th Position, can someone give me some suggestion how to get it back the page is the ranking just droped for this keyword the rest of my keywords the position is still in Top 10.

Can some guide me to get the keyword in 15th position again?

i had checked all the recent backlinks which i created and the score, there is nothing which could be the reason and the internal link is aslo perfect. Please do guide me.
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    same here, so many updates, drop to minim..

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    Give it awhile as the ranking drop might just for a few days.

    You can also check on your competitors to see what is happening.

    The best way to stay safe and to move up is always make sure you are building white hat links.
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    Even though if there are any improvements in the SERP's but still no one will be surely able to validate it because the festival session has begun.
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    you should rely in multiple traffic sources, because putting all your eggs in the same basket can destroy your biz.
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    Keeping in mind that Google never really tells you what they are doing, this article suggests it was an "intent-related" algorithm update, as have been the vast majority of recent updates.

    People can believe what they want, but the only way that I know of for an algorithm to measure how well search results match user intent is by user signals that may include time on page, time on site and whether the searcher returned to the search results and continued seeking answers. Every result for any given query would have metrics that would be compared to metrics of the other sites ranking for that same query. The ones with the best metrics would be given a boost. That's how I'd do it if I were creating an algorithm to measure intent-match.

    Google definitely has the data for all of this stuff from their Chrome browser. It's not a stretch to think that they really don't care what is happening in other browsers. It's fair to assume the metrics are pretty much the same, regardless of browser.

    Bottom line: Create better pages that satisfy the intent of the queries you are trying to rank for. See what the pages that do rank well have on them. And, of course, get real, editorially placed backlinks from relevant websites that matter and not worthless ones that you can place yourself.
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