Website Google Rankings Dropped Suddenly Help Me?

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Hey, SEO Pro's
(link deleted by moderator)

But suddenly my website ranking dropping
I didn't use any black hat methods and didn't buy links and doing manual SEO.
I checked everything that I was known right now I am very upset about that check out my keyword I was
In the first page and 2nd and 3rd but right now my website isn't available I don't know further what should I do I am working as I was doing before but website vanished please help me

Keywords Ranking Were: on
Top SEO Expert (15)
Top SEO Experts (9)
SEO Services Agency (29)
Digital Marketing Services (28)
Online Marketing Services (66)
SEO Marketing (60)
SEO Consultants (21)
Digital Marketing Services Agency (22)
Digital Marketing Agency (122)
Top SEO Services (17)

Thanks in advance please help me I'm really upset about it I'm checking and updating daily SEO updates and search console and anyhow which I have knowledge please let me know what is it I was doing off page SEO and I am doing right now also why it happened I don't know.
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    All threads are moderated before they go 'live' - duplicates are deleted.

    You have a site only a few months old - takes time to build ranking and sites go up and down in index.

    You are selling SEO services - shouldn't you know that?
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    How embarrassing for you as someone who sells SEO services!

    You really should refund your clients as you clearly have no clue what you are doing.
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    Top SEo Expert ask about basic SEO, what next?
    ok google how to build a nuclear reactor
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    There can be so many reasons why a website will drop in rankings. It really needs a thorough analysis to see why. Most the times though, it is just a Google dance, which commonly happens if you build a high amount of backlinks in a short amount of time.
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    Great Answer Thank You, Taylor Johnson.
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    This is so discouragement for new people to ask question. It does not matter how stupid a question is. If you do not want to answer, just drop out. There are already very limited genuine platforms for quality learning and this is one. If a newbie will not be properly answered here, he may get scammed somewhere else. So, every valid question should be answered I believe
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