keywords not Ranking in Google?

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What is the Reason for keywords not Ranking in Google?
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    There's tons of reasons. Maybe the page is too new, maybe you're not targeting the keywords properly, maybe the keyword is so competitive that it's nearly impossible to rank, maybe your page isn't properly setup or welcoming to Google spiders, etc.

    It's hard to say, but I'm going to guess it's one of these factors.
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    there are 11 main reasons why your website is not ranking well in search results.
    1. Competitors
    2. Google has not indexed your website
    3. Your website is not mobile friendly
    4. Meta tags not optimised
    5. Poor content optimisation
    6. Not enough quality content
    7. No high-quality backlinks
    8. No social media activity
    9. Bad Website Builder
    10. Poor page load speed
    11. A Formal Penalty
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  • Hi, check all last backlink your website, and after that try work on niche base website. And share more content on social media.
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    There's no reason for them to rank.


    Originally Posted by sonamg9291710 View Post

    What is the Reason for keywords not Ranking in Google?
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  • Way too vague.. more information is needed to help you...
    • How old is your site?
    • How fresh is your content?
    • What platform are on, WordPress? Self-hosted?
    • How competitive are your keywords?
    • Is your site, and all pages/posts optimized?
    • What are your objectives?
    • To name a few...
    Let me know...
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    1) Google has not indexed your website
    2)Your website is not mobile friendly
    3) No social media activity
    4)Poor content optimization
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  • There are hundreds of reasons why your site is not ranking. either your site is new or site is not indexed, you're not working on link building, the keyword is too competitive, not high-quality backlinks.
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    Originally Posted by sonamg9291710 View Post

    What is the Reason for keywords not Ranking in Google?
    Because the algorithm is working.
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    You mean your website is not ranking well. Keywords are search terms . It is up to the writer to make sure that his or her content is valuable and optimized. I think you need to revisit the page that you are talking about maybe update the page ,check website load speed .There are so many reasons why certain words are not ranking. Maybe you can add in a few keyword phrases relating to the words add in a video , compressed images etc....
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    Have you optimized the website?
    You can do social media posting and link building. I used to have a problem working on the ranking of an online shop that I am associated with. I did some link building and now the cardinal gates category rank.
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  • There are many reasons to not to rank your keywords in google. May be some reasons as below:
    Taken high search volume keywords
    Not to concentrate on keyword based backlinks
    Taking short tail keywords
    Neglecting LSI Keywords
    So, choose the best seo company to all these analysis and to give best results in keyword ranking
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    There can be many reasons. We can't say what the exact reason is. Common reasons that are affecting your ranking are:

    - You are targeting keywords that have no searches
    - Website don't have proper & good quality content with targeted keywords
    - No quality back-links
    - Your website is new and is not getting indexed due to Google Sandbox
    - Low website speed both on desktop & mobile
    - Not making proper use of GMB page
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    A few reasons:

    - lack of patience
    - lack of persistence
    - not generous enough
    - not creating content on other respected sites, to build links in
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  • Check your old website links. Add create some good PA or DA backlinks.
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    As many people said above, there can be countless reasons for keywords not ranking on Google, so it is hard to pinpoint the exact cause of this problem. Some possible reasons below:
    1. There is high competition on your keywords
    2. Google has not yet indexed your website
    3. Your website is not responsive or mobile friendly for devices
    4. Meta tags are not properly optimized
    5. Content written is of low quality with grammatical errors
    6. Poor content optimization
    7. No high-quality backlinks
    8. Lack of social media activity
    9. High page load speed of your landing pages
    10. You built your site using bad DIY website builder.
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    Here are few reasons why your website is not ranking in Google for targeted keywords -
    Your competitors are performing well than you.
    Your website is hit by spammers.
    Google did not index your website.
    Website is not optimized with Title tags, meta tags and schema markup.
    Trying to rank for more generic and short tail keywords.
    Content on the website is low quality or not optimized properly.
    No or less high quality backlinks to your website.
    Less presence on social media platforms.
    Page load speed issue.
    Affected by Google Algorithm penalty.
    Your website is new.

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  • Originally Posted by sonamg9291710 View Post

    What is the Reason for keywords not Ranking in Google?
    Your site may have some on page optimization issues (for example: page takes too much time to load, broken links on site, duplicate content, ect), or it does not have quality backlinks to it. You should first make sure that your website is properly optimized for your targeted keywords. Then, focus on building links to your site that are dofollow, relevant, and contextual. Once those links get indexed in Google, you should see a boost in rankings.
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  • Check if you can find any keywords over web master tools if not then best is to move to a new domain and hosting.
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    check google webmaster tool message and update sitemap.xml and also reindex your site on search engine.
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    • less quality backlinks
    • low quality content on webpages
    • Spamming
    • Incomplete On-page Optimization
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  • Reasons for Keywords Not Ranking On Google:
    1.Low website loading speed
    2.Duplicate website content
    3.Targeting irrelevant keywords
    4. Website is not mobile-responsive
    5.Negative review
    6.Paid links
    7.No SEO done on website
    8.Low quality backlinks
    9. Website is not verified by search engine
    10.Lack of social media presence
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      hey, can you please explain how paid links affect keyword ranking?
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    There could be tons a of reason why your keyword would not be ranking on google like-
    • Poor ON page SEO
    • Low DA PA of your website
    • Content is not relevant
    • Excessive keyword stuffing
    • Site is not mobile friendly
    • Poor Link building strategies
    • Content length could be way to short
    • Competitors
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    Because of any on-site or off-site issue.

    This question is really really incomplete because without some specific information. Answering this question without knowing what OP has done for his/her site is like "a shot in the dark"

    There could be tons of reasons as said above. You have to be more generic or provide the information regarding strategies you're following to rank your website.
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