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Hi guys,

I'm having quite a challenge in tracking the traffic from the homepage to other pages of my site (internal page referral).

So my question is, how can I see the traffic coming from my site's homepage to other pages? Currently there's two options that I see and those are user flow (Audience>User Flow) and behavior (Behavior>Behavior flow).

However, I suspect those two show a group of pages and not the specific page.

What are your thoughts? Do I need to setup a content groupings or a separate view to see what I'm looking for?

How can I specifically point out the number/percentage of traffic that landed on the homepage and visited the other pages from there?

Thank you!
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    Hey Eureka,
    I read your trouble about getting to know the traffic from shifting from one web page to another. I also had the same query some days before when I got to know about Google Analytics.

    But, let me help you that google analytics does not tell the about traffic that is shifted from one page to another. It only works and analysis about a specific page and also records the source (mobile, social media, PC, etc.) where they've come from.

    But, there is an another way to go through this, it's quite time consuming and more involving. Google Analytics also displays the current viewers of a web page, it shows that in what number the web page is open now. So, it can help you in some way that if you get to know that there were some viewers on a certain page before a little phase of time and now they have decreased and users of another page has increased within that phase, then you can get an approx estimation about the users moving from one page to another.

    Well, this can be a way according to me to sort out your difficulty. You can try this and if it works then please let me know. Good Luck...
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    try this..

    Remember Google is your friend
    Success is an ACT not an idea
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    Hii again,

    Well, I have searched more about it and got a solution.

    If you want to know the movers from one page to another then you need that code which we get on analytics to get started. You need to add that code to the head section of all those pages of your website in which you want to track these movers.

    I hope this enquiry would help you. Please try it and let me know if it worked.

    Best of luck!!!
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