Lessons on upgrading a site from Http to Https

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Hello Group!

First official post besides the welcome thread. Thank you for the warm welcome.

I'm going to summarize my observations from my towing service websites and hopefully provide a few suggestions that a professional might be able to monetize and provide this as a service...

"Change your site to HTTPS".
Google likes Https.
You'll be fine.... they like https.

Sure! Maybe after 3-6 months.

1. What they don't explain is that Google treats the Https as a total new URL. In fact, you have to go into search console and add the property.
2. The old http URL will be condemned in Google Fetch and can't be crawled because it's now a 301 redirect.
3. Any ranking you had? Well you can kiss it goodbye. With any luck, you'll bounce back in a couple months.
4. As time goes on, you'll scour the internet hoping to find a few clues on how to get it to bounce back.
5. I noticed a jump once I upgraded the .ht access file. but we both know any link juice isn't passing along at 100% so you'll need to go change a gazillion urls across the entire web.
6. all this chaos happened because you felt it was worthwhile to https and upgrading was the responsible thing for the long term.

Https is great.
Sure Just plan on killing your revenue, ranking and sales while in transition. The entire reindexing process begins from scratch. All because you added Security to your website.

I feel if Google wants this and it's for the greater good, then throw out a better "change of address" system.
The way it's set up now? Your URLs die a ranking death. The https starts as brand new URL and then gets reborn.

I'm hoping someone with professional experience and knowledge will read this and choose to offer a streamlined niche service that is specific to https upgrade.
If you strike gold, remember who gave you the idea and be sure to share the love. I'll accept shares!

Let's make it happen, Warriors!
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    So... at the end of the day, was it worth clicking that little box that said Upgrade to HTTPS??

    I don't know. I do know it's been a pain in the arse. I worry about it.
    Since my site has no cart, it's not a retail self-checkout website, there was no clear advantage and now I see the disadvantages.

    My advice to you?
    Think this through very very carefully. Unless Google provides a simple shortcut to make the upgrade? Don't touch the https upgrade button on your host.
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    In my case the migration from HTTP to HTTPS gained a lot of views. from Social Search, especially the AMP. But i feel that you had made a mistake of not cleaning up your old URLs before migration, I deleted all my google properties before i migrate them to HTTPs and to start afresh. This practice changed the old urls into new HTTPs ones without showing you 301.

    The reason you faced problem because you confused google by providing it both HTTP and HTTPs URLs which gets de-index due to content duplication.

    HTTPs works a million times better on search.
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  • The transition period is tough, but the alternative is to keep with the outdated HTTP format and increasingly be seen as untrustworthy by browsers, search engines and visitors. Until one day in the not-so-distant future your website is rendered completely obsolete.
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