How to acquire SEO Clients?

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Hi folks,

Could you please share your methods/advice for acquiring new SEO clients?
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    I think meetup groups in your area are probably best. You can meet with business owners who dont normally search for things like SEO, but would love to rank higher in google.
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  • First thing you do to acquire SEO clients is to do SEO of your website when you are looking for SEO clients you should know about SEO.Also you should use googl adwords,facebook ads,bing ads and outreach people by using different methods.

    One of that method is email marketing.You should need a good email list of people which you can target to email them.Also you would need a good email marketing company if your budget is lower you should use or you can also use some other mail services like mailchimp,aweber,sendgrid.

    Hope this helps.
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    Local SEO in your area. Tons of businesses all round that don't even know SEO exists.
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    Not sure if this helps, but anytime I go to a store or a new place I have a great conversation which somehow leads to them asking me (Oh wow you work in marketing, I am severely lacking in that) then I jump to (well for starters do you have a website? Oh you do? Do you optimize your site using SEO best practices?) and voila, new clients!
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    -Refer a client/affiliate program
    -Optimize your site/resume
    -Speak at events/hold site clinics and guest blogging
    -Sponsor events/mixers
    -Create free tools and email blast
    -Publish case studies and learn a niche
    -Get active in new forums
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  • Local SEO is the best option to get clients and build a bigger and better portfolio. After that you can go for emails and other options to get clients overseas.
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  • You can find some very good SEO clients on this forum alone. There are also places like Craigslist, Facebook, etc where you can find people in need of SEO services. Hope that helps.
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  • I think freelancer is the best source to find the SEO client
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    I think upwork is best way to find clients.
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