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So my client had a huge blog with lots of articles which are relevant to a new webshop they just launched. This blog was deleted 2 years ago, so the content can't be found on the web anymore. Furthermore, the blog was under a different brand and found on another URL than the webshop. Uploading the content could increase their organic traffic by a large margin.

1. Could Google punish their rankings for uploading the content again?

2. Are there any advantages to uploading the articles in increments (e.g. a few every day) as opposed to just uploading them all at once?
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    Well this is nothing and most of the IMers do this either for money websites or just PBNs.
    If the content isnt used anywhere and can create an impact then you can easily go for it. But I would suggest not upload all of them at once instead just schedule them weekly or daily.
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    If the content is still unique and not post anywhere, then you can use it.

    If you are afraid of getting punished by Google, Then first post 4-5 content and check what response you are receiving. Accordingly, you can move further.
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    Just maybe double check someone else hasn't re-used the content in the meantime (it does happen as some do scrape old content of deactivated domains)...if not and all the content is unique then there is no reason not to use it IMO

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    Is the content 100% evergreen? If so, publish. If not, write new, evergreen content.
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