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I'm trying to find the best SEO forum for discussion, learning & also for Do-follow links.

Kindly share if you have good SEO forum with a do-follow link in your mind.
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    I also trying to find but i don't think there is some to interested to share the weapon for their competitor. So use your brain and help yourself.
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    I prefer keeping my mouth shut when I see this kind of questions cuz I don't want to see another spammer on such places.
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    Try it should help you get prospects that you want but make sure you are heading into a niche where you will find users who can see through you.

    So best would be to stay focused and not spam else you will get ban eventually.
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    Below are some of the links-
    1. Joomla Forum
    2. Digital point Forum
    3. Site Point Forum
    4. Warrior forum
    5. Web-hosting Forum
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    I use
    • Warrior forum
    • Disqus
    • clubsnap
    • sgrunners
    • singaporebikes

    pretty informational and useful forums.
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    Well I never prefer forums for Link building as Earlier they are useful but now most of the forums start giving a no-follow link. i never approached forums for link building but use this a tool for gaining industry insight as there are many industry experts out there to help you.
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  • Hi,

    Some leading forums are:
    1. Warrior forum
    2. Digital Forum
    3. Ewebsubmission
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    some of the there - Warrior forum and Digital Point
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    Some of the best Do follow forum are

    Warrior Forum
    Dream Team Forum
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    lot of thing already advise above. hope, now the problem solved.
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    Here is the Forum which I used are mentioned below:-
    5) Site Point Forum
    6) Warrior forum
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    Don't rely on forums for backlinks, there are other ways you can look through, which I particularly think so are better to go with.

    List of forums? I guess you already had many suggestions on that.
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    awesome, thank you for the links
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    I'd also look for ancient looking link exchanges and directory sites.

    Last year I started a forum and I got a link added from a really ancient looking link exchange. I regularly get around 5 super targeted visitors per day from that site. Plus I get a backlink of course. I'm not sure if it's nofollow or dofollow but the site is so old they probably had no concept of "nofollow" when they built the thing.

    These places are highly niche specific, so whether you find any or not depends on your niche.
    ÖŽ FindABlog: Find blogs to comment on, guest posting opportunities and more ÖŽ

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    In my view, these are the best SEC forum sites where you can easily apply a link of your website and can do the discussion as well but do not use it daily to create a link because they can ban your account.
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    Best SEO Forums Do Follow Link Build techniques are

    Content posting
    Bookmarking submission
    Directory submission
    Images sharing
    Video sharing
    Info-graphics submission
    Guest posting
    Question Answering
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