How to get maximum benefits through Social Bookmarking?

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Dear Warriors,

Doing & Learning SEO and have confusion about social bookmarking. Please explain how effective social bookmarking is in SEO and how to use it. As per my understanding I join some social bookmarking sites and sharing my link there but still confuse how it is beneficial for me?

Please explain:
1- Is it effective in SEO?
2- If yes, How effective should I use it?
3- Should I share only main site link or web 2.0, PDF Submission, Video submission links too?
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    You can share any links in social bookmarking section, beside it this thing passes link flow to the search engine bot, from where a site can backlinks. And for ranking, it is helpful to do. But you must have to seed your links with high da site.
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    Yes, it is effective in SEO, Social bookmarking helps you to get link juice for your website, It basically helps you to increase the site's domain authority, which will ultimately benefit you in ranking for search engines.
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    Create a backlink and link building on social bookmarking sites.
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    In SEO Bookmarking is one of the best part to create backlinks and its gives best SEO juice to your website

    1- Is it effective in SEO?
    Yes Bookmarking is more effective. Only do bookmarking in High PA DA websites.

    2- If yes, How effective should I use it?
    Submit your website in high PA DA Websites. Which gives you best link juice.

    3- Should I share only main site link or web 2.0, PDF Submission, Video submission links too?

    Yes you can share there links also.
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    Well, at least you now know who NOT to take advice from on this forum. Far too many people here parrot nonsense they have heard from other people that used to work a decade ago. Not a single one of them can show you evidence that social bookmarking has ever helped their sites climb to page one in the rankings.

    Social bookmarking WILL NOT help you at all with ranking a website. Neither will Web 2.0, directory links, blog commenting or forum spam.

    If you can place the link, yourself, on another website, it is a worthless link. Period!
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    Mainly in the past these kind of websites were used for website promotion and were little helpful in generating some website traffic. But its dead as google's on going efforts to kill Spammy tactics are continue to up-till this date. Likewise web 2.0 and PDF Submission etc are not helpful anymore to generate quality traffic. Go for editorial links and instead link building try to earn the link via info-graphic, PPT submission, guest posting and blogger outreaching and blog commenting etc. Try to get 2 quality links in a day instead 200 bullshit links that damage your site credibility.
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    Social Bookmarking is just like sharing your articles or blog posts in different networks and search engines always favors the websites which have some credibility and reach over networks.

    So its always good to do so but not necessary.
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  • Hi,
    For social bookmarking, you can share any link of your website related information like site menu URLs, blog links, social shares web 2.0. doc, ppt, pdf, etc.

    The more you bookmark, the more you will get traffic and quality backlinks.
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