SEO Questions About Musicians/Record Labels (schema, google business, etc)

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Hi everyone, I have a few questions regarding how to approach SEO for some musicians and a record label.

I have been setting up microdata on the artist pages , and also for events, and that seems to be showing up correctly in the structured data testing tool..

I am trying to take advantage of all the knowledge graph panel results, and am having artists claim existing knowledge graph panels. For the label itself, it doesnt have a panel yet so i tried to create a google business page for it but that required an address (the label doesnt have a physical address). should i register it as a business under my own address and hide the address publicly? or what would be the best way to handle that? my goal is to get the label a knowledge graph panel like the one that shows up when you search for "bad boy records" in google, which seems specific to record labels since it list albums, etc, and makes me think the info in the knowledge graph panel is coming from somewhere besides google businesses.

what is the best way to approach this goal?

any additional advice on how to do SEO and marketing for musical artist and/or record labels would be greatly appreciated. for example, promoting music videos

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