Our site rankings have dropped and we can't seem to figure it out

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Greetings! I am hoping I could pick your brain but do you know how to check any of the technical reasons why our site rankings have dropped and in some cases completely disappeared? I know that the robots.txt file can be an issue for some sites.
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    I'm not sure why you are assuming that it is a technical problem (it almost never is, in a case like this). Google is constantly tweaking their algorithm and anything from your backlinks to the content on the pages to user engagement signals could be the cause. I'd start by analyzing when the decline occurred and whether it coincides with known algorithm updates. The Panguin tool may help you determine that.
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    If you know for sure then I guess we have to assume that you are not hit by any algo of Google.

    Technical issues can be resolved. Have you done any changes such as changing your site url or a part of it? Incorrect 301 redirects can create 404 errors which will can cause your keywords to fall all of a sudden.

    In some cases it might happen that the urls gets no-index through robots.txt file. But if you haven't done any changes to the file then its highly unlikely.
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    if you have linked your website over webmaster tools take a look over it if you received any message from google about your website or the kind of links you are building.
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    Run a site test with one of the speed tools to help you to pin point the problem.
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    Well Google is consistently changing its algorithms and the site ranking change accordingly. There are many factors which Google Check for ranking your website. so if there is a technical issue you can check your website thoroughly and optimise accordingly. Please check the webmaster once and find the issues in your website.
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    Thanks a lot for your input. I truly appreciate that.
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    Can you share the website, So we can analyze it to find the reason. Thank you
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    Just like dave_hermansen suggested it would as a result of the numerous google algorithm changes,you also want to check out our site backlink profiles some times they might be lost.
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    After the penguin update in Google algorithm it is the original content plays an important role in ranking a website in search engines. The site with a duplicated content is pushed down to Google in terms of keyword ranking. Top quality content represents those with unique and fresh content without any duplication.
    Google love unique content because it wants to provide good quality stuff to its users.
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    If your website ranking is dropped it doesn't mean your website is hit by Google. There are various reason can be behind the ranking drop:-

    Manual search engine penalty - You can check it in GWT
    Unnatural links from your site
    There might be a Google Algorithm update rolled out so minor fluctuation can happen.
    Competitors are doing a good job then you
    Lost links
    Track the User behavior changes

    Regarding Google update, you can check blog post regularly on SearchEngine Journal, SearchENgine Roundtable and more.
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    rankings are will do down because of not working on link building, not consistent with backlinks, not creating enough backlinks or bad links. make sure you monitor yours backlinks and disavow bad links..
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    I faced such problem once and when I checked the things I found these things which may cause drop in ranking of keywords can cause due to - Need of content update , continuous backlink creation for those dropped keywords.

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    The clearest way to improve your site ranking is to persistently create helpful content and to keep building bonds with bloggers, by helping them and asking for nothing in return. Bonds form, and some of these folks give you organic backlinks, boosting rank. If your rank drops, the problem is almost always a lack of creating and a lack of connecting. Quite simple but sometimes, uncomfortable to keep creating and connecting, because you need to put other people's needs-wants over your focus on page rank.
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    You can perform a quick technical check. Make sure your pages are indexed and you have no broken links or 404s. Those are a big issue. What type of sites are you linking to? Some bad sites can lower your ranking and get you in Google jail (make sure you aren't unintentionally linking to any illicit sites). Check your Webmaster tools to see if you've been notified of a penalty. Remove the faulty links and duplicate content. Is your website optimized for mobile devices? Sometimes a Google update will cause a decrease in rank and website visits. Just make sure to check your Webmaster tools and discover what caused the drop. It could be a temporary fluke, but it's better to be safe than low-ranked on Google.
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