Why should we hire you?

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Most of the time I see this question and always get confused what to write in answer.

Why should we hire you?

hope you guys help me with this ...
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    To be honest, the answer that you give here depends on your strengths and the job role.

    There is no point in other people saying what you should say as every person is different.

    The best way to answer this would be to state your strengths, what they will do in the job role and how you will help to progress the business.
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  • In any job interview, you should expect this question. Your answer will depend on the type of job.

    You need to show value and that you've provided value to past employers. For instance, if it's a sales job, "I've brought in $x one year, the best ever in the company".

    I once said in an interview "because I'm the best VFP developer in this town". This was a government job so bringing in $x did not apply. The boss said "John over here (who was the main (only) developer of the project) may disagree with you". A few days later, John said he couldn't believe I said that. Well, you hired me, didn't you? And if I didn't say it (and believed it), nobody else would.

    Depending on the interviewer, this question may just be how you would react to the question but I think mostly to see what you bring to the table. The more specific you are, the better your chances. If you researched and find the company had $10m in revenues and you believe you can bring that to $11m, if you get paid $100k, that's a very good return on their investment. But if you said you'd bring in $50k in new revenues, that wouldn't work. As I said, be prepared for it.

    You are posting in the SEO section so I assume it's an SEO job. You need to show and prove in this case that you brought x% more visitors for previous employers. Your research should include looking at their site and saying how you would do this, what needs to be done.
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    If you have a good resume or portfolio then I doubt anyone will ever ask you that question.
    Usually that question is asked to a newbie only since they have no experience and the recruiter usually asks that question to test your skills.
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    The employer is asking you to sell him/her on you, it is a test to see how confident you are in yourself. This is a good time to reiterate your strengths and describe your selling points. These bullet points should be known before you enter the interview.
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    You can research the do's and dont's on Google on how to answer in a job interview, or watch videos on youtube.

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