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Since last few weeks im getting spam bot traffic in my google analytics account. Such spam visits come from website audit tools like: //

I have blocked this IP address in analytics as well as in .htaccess file. Still im getting spam visits from such domains.
Please suggest!!

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    Just forget them they wont do any harm or any good.
    I would just leave it as it is. and focus on getting more links so that i can get higher rankings.
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    You can create custom filters using regular expressions to avoid spam traffic as predefined filters are limited and could not filter all types of spams. Create following filters -
    1. Valid hostname filter - It prevents traffic from ghost spam, development hostnames, scraping & Archive sites.
    2. Campaign Source filter - This filter prevents traffic from crawlers and internal third party tools like trello, pingdom.
    3. Language spam filter - You can exclude traffic that comes from language spam. Here is a Language Spam REGEX (Prebuilt) - \s[^\s]*\s|.{15,}|\.|,|^c$

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