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I have been doing seo for last 4 months. More than 1k backlinks are created but there is no organic traffic. The keywords are not ranked in top 10 position. How can i improve my keyword rankings.
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  • Where are you ranked right now. Are you using any serp tracker to track the position?
    Also the number of backlinks do not play a role in improving the rankings rather its the quality of the links.

    So best would to be to analyze the competitor links try to acquire them and more.
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    It's hard to tell why your site is not ranking, you need to provide more specific details about it.

    Backlinks quantity never counts, their quality does, creating backlinks from the same source every time also decreases its effect, diversification is the key to get some boost every time.
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    It is not about how much backlinks you create it is about the Quality Backlinks kindly tell me the keyword on which you are ranking your website
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    Yeah, as others have said, the number of backlinks may be irrelevant. If they are ones that you can place yourself, Google ignores them (i.e. comment links, Web 2.0, forum links, social bookmarking links, social network links, most directory links, etc.). If other websites decide to link to you, themselves, and they are decent, relevant sites, those are REAL backlinks that should help you.
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    when you read seo tutorials on the internet, please first have a look at the year the article was published. nowadays google doesn't like spam. those 1000 backlinks sound like spam.
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  • Focus on trying to get DoFollow backlinks and/or search for broken backlinks that are from DoFollow sources rather than NoFollow sources.

    If you use a tool like Ahrefs, you can see which backlinks that you have are DoFollow and which ones are NoFollow. Google does not do much with the NoFollow links which it sounds like you might have a lot of.

    One way you could find quality links would be to see who is linking to your competitors. Maybe your competitors have broken urls that other websites are linking to. You could write a QUALITY blog/article/content to replace that broken link and point it towards your site.

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    Well It's not that only top 10 positions get all the traffic. if your website is on second and third page you do get some traffic. Second your traffic depends on your keyword searches. If your keyword have low search count you have little change to get users tough organic search.
    Your backlinks support you only if you have quality links so focus on quality not on Quantity.
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    My advice would be to focus on the quality of backlinks, rather than the quantity of backlinks. Try creating backlinks with optimized anchor text and make sure to link to other important pages within the site, besides focusing on just the homepage. You may also need to add more or better internal links, before focusing on external SEO.

    If a website is not properly optimized internally, then external SEO is much less effective.
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    I would do keyword research first to find out what search phrases are searched for the most with the least amount of competition and do on-page optimization on these keyword phrases. From the keyword research, you will find many questions people ask on the subject and you can answer them on your website. There is too much to go into for details on how to do the keyword research but you can find many articles online on how to do this and there are a number of free and paid services out there to use.

    Google's Keyword Planner I wouldn't trust the number of searches they say though as a warning. If you read through some forums you can get ideas on who or what tools to trust.

    To give you an idea I charge $300 to $400 to do keyword research for someone and that is pretty cheap so you can save a buck if you learn how to do it yourself.
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