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Hello everybody, (sorry for my english).

I don't have found the section for introduce me so i doing it here.
I'm not a newbie, I've been in internet marketing for a long time and here i have found so much value in the years so i just say thanks at all.

Now, i have a very specify question for you.
I just scrape one hundred expired domains for my linkbuilding with already good rank.
Now usually i use it creating one post or two and linkin to my money site for the link juice.

The question is, what appens to all the complex backlink that already pointing to my expired domain, in my subpages like h**p://expired.domain/post.that.dont.exist.anymore/ ??

Have i lost it? usually i use a plugin that redirect the 404 pages to 301 but i don't sure that the link juice from complex backlink was redirect with it.

thank you
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