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Hey people,

I want to rebrand my domain and change it. I already have the domain I want to migrate it to but I'm fearful. I know I have to redirect all the pages, domain wide to the new domain and specify in Webmaster Tools the domain has been changed to the other.

Now while I know how to redirect them using 301 without losing any links, my fear is that the new domain will drop like a rock in serps. The old domain has around 3k unique domains backlinks and decent trafic. Also the old domain is 13 years old while the new one is 4-5 and wasn't activrle very much. My reasoning behind the rebranding is that I want to expand and the old domain was kinda licked (in my mind) behind its name.

What do tou guys this a great risk? Should I stay with my current old domain? Do you have any advices in this regard?
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