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I have two websites, they are targeting the same keyword but are in no way identical - they are completely different structure, CSS/HTML, the hosting IP's are different (they do both use Cloudflare also Gmail). I am confused how Google has drawn a conclusion between the two sites.

Is it best for Site 1 (That ranks well) to have....for example
Software Developers

And Site 2 to target a slightly different phrase i.e.
Software Development

Or will that make zero difference? I have kept GWM separate and Analytics but somehow it's linked the two sites. This is really frustrating as the new site has loads of good content but I really do not want to do a 301 redirect and loose all of all the rankings all together.

There is no link between the two, so I'm not quite sure how Google has picked up that they are owned by me (the WHOIS data is protected).

What are my options? The problem is Site 1, needs a lot of renovation but ranks really well, Site 2 has much better content and structure but doesn't have the domain history. Site 1 ranks almost instantly for any keyword very quickly - do you think it's worth just taking off the landing pages of Site 2 and focusing on Site 1 only and updating it?

Basically, I wanted them to be two different companies - and I was hoping to keep one ranking well for the same keyword and have both ranking well for similar keywords. I know Google doesn't like this kind of practice, so I am trying to figure out a way for it work in the same industry but not the same keywords? Or now will Google just completely ignore Site 2 over Site 1?
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