Google adding main site name to the title tags of pages in the sub folders: How to handle?

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Hi community,

Ours is a WP hosted website. We have given our site title which reflects across all the website page title suffix. Like "Moz SEO" will be default at the title for pages like "Local SEO - Moz SEO".

We have given different page title suffix to our sub-folders' pages like blog and help guides. For blog we have given "Moz blog" as title tag suffix which was working fine. But Google suddenly started showing main website's title as suffix in pages of sub folders. Ex blog: "How to rank better - Moz blog - Moz SEO". Here we can see "Moz SEO" has been added which is not required. How to handle this?

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  • Whatever will be in the site title will be added as a suffix after any posts or page you will make.

    So if you wish to have your posts displayed like "Post - Moz SEO"
    Then input "Moz SEO" in site title only while the other Moz Blog can be added in Tag line.
    So in that case your homepage will read as "Moz SEO - Moz Blog"

    I hope you understood.
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    Google does not have to use the title tag you suggest. If their algorithm thinks there is a better one, it will create it and use it.

    That said, in this case, it certainly seems as if you configured something incorrectly, since there is a pattern.
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    Fix the pattern that should do. And I think you are inserting too much keyword's. If Google think that you are trying to game them somehow then they will just ignore your titles and show their own.
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