How do you justify the cost of SEO tools?

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I've just been doing the rounds on all the popular SEO tools, and the costs are generally around $99 per month!

For small business owners and bloggers, how do you justify this cost? Just suck it up and bite the bullet, use free trials, share the account with other people you know, or just use the cheaper (lower quality?) tools?

I'm interested to hear!
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    you can make a small group with some small business owners and share tool price and you all can use
    mean if you want to buy a tool for 100$, you can share price with other 5 small business owner and each one just pay 20$ and all of you can use it

    but you first need to fine honest people to share this tool with
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    but you first need to fine honest people to share this tool with
    Honest people don't violate TOS of online tools by 'sharing'. Most memberships/tools/etc you buy online specifically state you may not give or share the product/service with others.

    Think about it - if you have a piece of software you developed and you sell that as your online would you feel about one person buying it and then GIVING it free to others to use? Not good.

    how do you justify this cost
    The point of buying tools or software, etc is to improve your business and increase your profits. If $99/ month makes it possible for you to work less or to earn more....what do you need to justify?

    If you are paying for 'tools' (above and beyond those costs necessary to BE working online) and not earning with those tools....maybe you have the wrong tools. The exception might be when you are starting out but in that case, buy tools only when you need them and are ready to utilize them.

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    if your asking that question, then there is no justification for the tools

    before you even think about investing into any tools you should know exactly what your outcomes should be

    with all the free tools out there you can accomplish what you need, I've done it for years and ranked just about any website on page one if this is your goal it just takes more effort on your part unless your time is worth more than a monthly plan

    once you know your needs and outcomes only invest in any tools that will make you money otherwise seek out free tools and work with them
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    to avoid the heavy costs of tools what you can do is buy group buy services like


    the only issue with these services is that your history won't be saved and other people can also see your keywords and site links. every time you need to sign in and remove your links as save your research out of the software.
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    See how much the tools benefit your campaign from a trial perspective. If awesome, purchase. But really though; if tools seem attractive, invest in your business. No hesitating on spending money because investing wisely leads to more and more profits.
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    All about ROI. If it's worth it to your business and will improve sales, go for it. If it's a shot in the dark, then maaaaybe... Trial. Or skip.

    For small businesses these expensive tools can cripple you financially if you don't have an income already. Remember you also need time to learn the tools. Ahrefs for example is VERY in-depth. Looks simple and fancy on the surface, but it can get technical if you REALLY want to get results from it.
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    If you have no budget best would be to go with the free tools. Get some money, invest in those tools.
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    If you worry about the price,

    Then you absolutely need to invest in it because it means you are not making any money.
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