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I've been trying to perfectly optimize my site for all indicators on Pingdom tools and GTMetrix... to have the smallest size possible and fastest loading times.

Using the W3 total cache with Stackpath and Gzip compression I was able to get it very good, but the website kept breaking because of cache and CSS issues.

So now I am using Cloudflare, Simple Cache and Asset CleanUp: Page Speed Booster.
Which are all meant to improve the scores of the following.. but they don't.

Add Expires headers
Make fewer HTTP requests
Use cookie-free domains
Reduce DNS lookups

Also Gzip compression is showing as active in different tests and GTMetrix but not in Pingdom tools. The website size is also a bit too big (considering the Gzip compression should reduce the size by 60-80%)

Anybody who has their site perfectly optimized and can help out ?
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    It's hard to get a perfect score on GtMetrix, BUT, there are some great plugins that took my site from 12-15 second loading speed down to 1-4 seconds. Not perfect, but a helluva lot better (and I'm not using CDN at all)

    These are:
    WP Fastest Cache (i replaced my w3 cache plugin with this one)
    Yoast SEO Premium

    That should make a big difference for you if you dont have those already.
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  • Hi,

    Every tool has different ways to track and give results. So, it's difficult to get an accurate result. You can still trust on Google tools and try, Google PageSpeed Insights for better website speed test result
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  • Google page speed insight and Lighthouse tool can help you better.
    No tool will give you perfect score.
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