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Can anyone please help me - we are working seo for a website of homepage - which as enough content with images, Videos and organized data but still we are not getting response and google is not giving value.

Please suggest.
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    Sounds like you shouldn't "help" people with SEO if you can't figure that out yourself. No offense.
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    There's a whole lot more to SEO than putting words on a page. For all we know, the targeted keyword phrase(s) is/are extremely difficult to rank for.
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    At this point some will suggest that you should split the content in different pages to rank.

    But I will say that learn SEO first then get clients.
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    1- FirstlyYou publish blogs and articles and add your keywords to it and write high-quality content for your blog and article.

    2-Secondly You can guest post on your website

    3-Social bookmarking,classified or forums
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    You Need to check Your Title and description first. See your keyword distribution in your Title and Meta Description and page.
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    If you want ,google giving value to your website. Firstly add unique and useful content on your website which describe your services brief.
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    Get some links to the page and keep tracking things to see if you are making any progress.
    Current scenario is like you opened a store in a desert but havent done any promotions.
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    Have you been building backlinks? Do you have any backlinks?
    Backlinks are the backbone of SEO. Without them, you won't be able to rank high on Google.
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  • Like those other people said, you have to create content to have good SEO and DA. The content needs to be relevant and frequently updated.
    If you use WordPress, there's a great plugin called Yoast that's free and spells out what do to to increase SEO on the bottom of each page. Also use some free online tools to check backlinks, SEO rank, Google Rank, and more. Start here
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    Set your site up with Google Webmaster tools and then look for optimizations as recommended by Google themselves regarding your website
    Using WordPress?? - You need this plugin
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