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Hi there,
I have been doing the SEO on my website and am happy at the mo. I just wanted to ask , when I search one of my keywords my site home page comes up and only that page.
for example, Childrens Hip Hop classes brings up the main page not the Hip Hop page ( which has more keywords). When I see competitors it often shows multiple pages in the search so they are often ranking 3rd 4th and 5th for example.

If anyone could shed any light on this it would be great.

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    Your homepage is probably the only page ranked by the search engine, while the other pages are not. Each page should be optimized
    Are you looking for a Professional Content Writer
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    Build backlinks for pages you want to rank, not only the main domain.
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    DakodasDanceAcademy is the site. I'm having a cow issues with h tags but that's just due to the was the site was built. I thought the seo was quite good as we are ranking well for words like ' children's dance academy ' but always the home page comes up when the ither pages have similar keywords.
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    Build links to your Internal pages, not just your homepage.

    Search and list your site on directories that offer 'Deep Links'. You can list several pages of your website with the one overall business listing.

    'ProLinkDirectory dot com' is one such site I often use.

    Remember to create Internal links (and external links) on EVERY page of your website too so google finds them all and ranks them better.

    Hope this helps.

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    Did you do the SILO properly for the website, How old is your website and which page you usually build links to?
    Maybe give it time and the appropriate page will start coming up for the desired search term..
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      10 years old. I try to link to other pages on my site and to other websites I'm mentioning
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    Do proper On-Page SEO like Meta Title Tag, Meta Description, H1 Tag, etc. and SILO for the page you are targeting for the keyword Childrens Hip Hop classes and build more baclinks to the same page. This will help you rank the correct page for the said keyword.

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    Try to directory submission site link to other pages.
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  • It is clear that your website's homepage is ranked but its pages are not ranked. You need to create quality backlinks for the webpages and also optimize these pages for SEO.
    These steps will certainly help the ranking of your webpages.
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    Search engines tend to follow links so if you don't have any external links pointing to other pages on your site, you might not see them in the results. It could be that those pages have duplicate content found elsewhere on the internet.
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    I guess you have just build links for your home page not to your website's other pages.
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  • It is quite beneficial to have a website that speaks a lot of things. A responsive website can help in enticing new users and this can be helpful in maintaining the rankings. Other than this, there are many other concerning points as well that can prove to be advantageous in keeping the website run smoothly. The points can vary from:

    1: A great content
    2: Great SEO strategies
    3: Awesome design
    4: Striking Images
    5: A good-looking layout

    All these points together make a great website and help in keeping the success rate up always. Considering these five points can keep users engaged and help them in selecting the product they are looking for. A user-friendly website always catches the eye and this is the reason many marketers are adopting this way to achieve the best.
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    Have you tried Tiered Link Building to those pages you want to boost in the Google search?
    For Tier 1, you will find a suitable high authority websites and publish a guest post on them. That is pretty simple and straightforward. Of course, just one website won't be enough.
    For Tier 2, you look for websites with somewhat lower domain authority and approach their owners.
    Ask directly for the backlink, propose broken link building, or offer to publish high-quality guest posts. Most of the websites with somewhat low authority will gladly accept guest posts, so it is a win/win situation. This allows you to build up your tier 2 links and gradually improves the quality of your tier 1 links.
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    Build back-links for pages which you want to get top rank.

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      Originally Posted by Maxcro01 View Post

      Build back-links for pages which you want to get top rank.

      Indeed a great advice. Get links from blogs to the pages you want to rank highest and from social platforms. Will give you a boost in traffic within a month or two.

      My Business & Marketing Blog

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    Agreed with you @msulcs as you well said, "Build backlinks for pages you want to rank, not only the main domain" creating links for other pages is also important.

    It looks more natural, Google understands everything & Google Algorithms hats to see just continues link of one page. To create links for other pages is also important.
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    it may be, your home page is completely optimized, and having good traffic rather than others. So it's showing there!
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